My goal this year is to complete 52 small projects for the home and for my family.

Project 1: Bookmarks-
Bookmark for Andrew
Bookmark for an AnnaDot

Project 2: Sewing Kit from Zakka Style-
Sewing Kit from 'Zakka Style'
Addition to Sewing Kit from 'Zakka Style'

Project 3: Potholders from 'Zakka Style'-

Project 4: Handquilted Flying Geese-
Paper pieced mini
Project 5: Paper pieced Valentine's mugrug- Paperpieced mini 

Project 6: Katie Jump Rope Pincushion
 DS Pincushion 

Project 7: Zig Zag Tote from 'Zakka Style'-
Zig-Zag Tote from 'Zakka Style'

Project 8: Happy Picnic Quilt
backing and little baby feet

Project 9: Zakka Patchwork Ball
EPP Patchwork Ball

Project 10,11,12??
Zakka Pencil Case


  1. I really like this pincushion...so cute.

  2. ah, ive been waiting for a blog for so long. I check every week at work, i am always in awe and inspired. miss you guys, cant wait for July :) xoxo - Becky


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