September 10, 2013

Super Mario Bros. Quilt Top

Super Mario Bros. Quilt Top

So glad this monster of a quilt top is finished. I made the blocks with Angela's Super Mario Quilt Along group. It was made some vibrant Kaufman Kona cottons here.

Reference photo of Kona Colors for the Mario QAL
click picture to see names of kona used

from the Fabric Shack.  I love how this shop cuts fabric in quarter yards and have the best price for kona! They have great customer service too. Fabric amounts and the discussion we had on what fabrics we used was helpful as we are fans of many differents solids. It did not seem to matter whether the fabric was cut in fat quarters or regular cuts of fabric. Fabric Shack cuts its quarter yard fabric in 10 in cuts too! Nice, huh?

All of the patterns are here in google docs, but I took the patterns and modified them to allow for less piecing as you can see in this Goomba 

Super Mario Goomba

or cloud.

Piecing Mario cloud
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I got creative and modified and added and modified additional blocks.


Red Fish

Piranha Plant
Piranha Flower


Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troop

You think I would learn and keep things simple. :) 

Here is the backing. I thought a test pattern would be fun and I needed to use up the scraps from the top. Not sure if I like it, but I wanted to play and not order more fabric. The extra blocks have made this about 90 by 90 inches. Even though I made it for my husband I think my son might steal it as it is perfect size for a full bed.

Super Mario Bros quilt back

I am thinking of an all over meandering of rectangles and squares. I continue to rethink it over and over again as I want it to be perfect. I wish I could be less of a perfectionist. So I am hoping for a Christmas finish for this quilt. 


  1. it looks SO GOOD! definitely vibrant!

  2. Looks fantastic! I've got all the fabric to make the original top, but haven't come close to starting it - I want to modify all the patterns too, to clump things together more, rather than doing the full on grid.

    Your extra blocks are pretty wonderful!

    Have you done a rectangle/square meander before? Someone whose blog I read was just talking about doing one recently and she said it was hard to get in the habit of making perfect square corners - you kind of have to pause a moment and make sure you get that square corner, otherwise you wind up cutting them off. They look pretty awesome, anyway!

  3. Turned out great. I watched Angela make hers.

  4. How cool!! Your Mario quilt is super fun, and the test pattern backing is clever. :D

  5. Love it! Such a fun quilt. Really nice work.

  6. WOW! So fun! What a lot of work. Congrats on such great progress.

  7. Looks great, I'm thinking of giving it a go.
    Do you have the pdf patterns for the extra blocks please?


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