September 10, 2012

September- Just Three!

I met my Just Three goals for August!

1. I finished a quilt. My kaliedoscope quilt went from this

to this,

to this.

This binding had some issues that included fraying of the seams on the edge. I would sew a 1/4 inch seam on a top that had so many seams on the edge of the top to stabilize it. It all ended well.

Unfortunately no pictures of this since it I am not sure how to take a picture of an 72 by 80 quilt! I will get you a picture soon.

I added the binding by hand and realized how relaxing it is. I have got to start an applique project next year. Maybe in a block of the month format so I can keep a goal.

2. Two of my postage stamp blocks are finished. I promised myself I would not buy the backing until I was completely finished with the top. So I am on a mission this month with this one.

It just seems like I never visit my machine on a regular basis anymore. I have to sneak spurts of time here and there. Most are no longer than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I am hoping for naps this month! ;)

3. I have the Sarah Jane quilt basted. I have some work cut out for me in perle cotton.

My goals for the end of September are:

1. Quilt the Sarah Jane quilt.
2. Finish 2 more postage stamp blocks.
3. Get another quilt out to be basted.

and 4. ( cause I am horrible and break the rules) pick up a favorite UFO. I may just pet it, but maybe I will sew a bit on it.

traceyjay quilts

Hopefully September can be just a productive as August was.

September 7, 2012

Super Mario QAL: The Fire Flower

The beginning of school is well underway. Now there is only 1 little one at home. Zoe is adjusting well and there is less strife since she has no one to 'bother'. It is nice to just listen to her play and realizing how happy it is. A lot of her dolls are potty training. Successfully too, I might add. ;)

Another block has been added to the bunch. This QAL is not to be passed up. I have got to get my act together on other WIPs, but I stop for this one. These are the blocks so far. I'll add Pacific Blue as the Kona solid sashing between them. Fun, no?

Super Mario Quilt

I played with Angela's pattern and this is what I came up with. I added some red to the Fire Flower and used all the greens I collected for this project. I may have used the seam ripper way too much, trying to get the seams to nest the right way, but it's my favorite block so far.

Super Mario Fire Flower
Kaufman Kona used: aqua, white, black, tomato, orange, canary, jungle, clover, and
sour apple

My thought is to finish this for Christmas. I am thinking of a pieced back that is very busy in places. I am thinking there will be a lot of seams on top of seams. Is this a good or bad idea for anyone familiar with a longarm sewing machine? Should I go ahead and piece the back with pieces as small? Doesn't hurt to think ahead, right?

Sharing with Amy and Sarah this week.