June 25, 2012

Crisis Averted

You ever have a day where you *know* you left something somewhere, but now you can't find it? You swear you left on the ironing board or on that table. I had just cut just enough border to make it work and no wiggle room. So keep calm, right? So I get into the car for a playdate and find this squeezed in the car seat cup holder.

Crisis averted...

(I was later told at bedtime that they make great pretend reins for Zoe's horse, her older sister. They have been using ribbons attached to the back of dresses for this and I guess this is for when the horse wears pants.)

June 18, 2012

Monday, Monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da)

So much to do, but I am just plugging away at my Kaleidoscope quilt. It's so close to being finished. I have to make the yo-yos to applique to each intersection. I have been using the blue marker Mark-Be-Gone to mark all the 1/4 inch outline quilting. Thankfully, I have also figured out my favorite quilting needle for perle cotton is DMC embroidery needle in a size 5. For some reason I always lose the packaging and forget between projects. Do you have a favorite?

Kaliedoscope QAL quilt

I hardly need an excuse to work some Children at Play fabric. This will turn into something PB kid-esque. My SIL picked some great boy fabrics. I am wondering if I should call it a commissioned quilt? Relatives don't count right? After seeing the fabric, I am thinking some squares might go mysteriously missing. I will have to hold that thought back.

Children At Play

I also am in the middle of some postage stamp blocks. One more finished and many more to go. Tiny little squares...love 'em, hate 'em... I will not count how many I have left or I might quit. However, I am halfway there or more. Wish me luck.

1 inch postage blocks- halfway there...