May 23, 2012

A Finish?? Nahh!!! : WIP Wednesday

Been working on my Kaliedoscope quilt this week. Remember that QAL with Don't Call Me Betsy? I just threw it on the kitchen floor this Monday and said so what if the kids are going to dance on it and the dog licks it? OK, they did neither and I threw a old sheet over it when I wasn't working on basting it. Then there was the ants in the kitchen in the middle of the two day process. I know! I just mopped, but the dog bowl was great fun for the ants. Luckily the quilt was spared, but basting a quilt always seems like an epic event over here.

Kaliedoscope Quilting

I basted with pins and thread since I am going to hand quilt this. I picked green for the grid and once that is done all the pins will be gone. Then I will move on to the triangular units and stitch a quarter inch with different colors of perle cotton.

I also finally picked up a fat eighth pack of Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi on etsy. I hesitated for quite a while, but, I will be honest, I love my stash of Good Folks a lot more. I bought it since the Patchwork Prism is on my list. Her fabrics always look glorious together. I don't have the cutting time to make it now, but there is a quilt along going on here for it. I joke with my husband that I should call them Top Alongs since I am so bad at finishing them. I still have a pinwheel and a Single Girl waiting for attention. We should just start a support group for finishing those QAL UFO tops! I bet there would be a lot of takers! Maybe it's just me.

Loulouthi Fat Eighth Pack

I also bought this little bit of reversible ribbon. Not sure what I should do with it, but I couldn't pass up this tiny impulse buy.

Rosa Pomar Ribbon-Folk Birds

I did finish this Granny Square Top- favorite of all time. It has all of my most loved fabrics. The border was a bit frustrating, but all the measurements worked out well. I'll hand quilt that too, so no finished quilt for a while. I am going with the extra wide Moda Dotties backing in red.

granny Square top

I also have been plugging along with my postage stamp quilt. Each block has 400 squares so I am glad I have 9 out of 16 blocks done. Halfway there!! Really what was I thinking? Yeah... darn bucket list...

Postage Stamp Quilt

So I am going off to quilt. Finish?? Nah!!! Although I did finish this picnic quilt recently. See! I do actually finish something!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

May 21, 2012

Keeping It Together

That title pretty much describes last week. However I will hold back in fear of being whiny instead of authentic! The one good thing that happened last week was Andrew got into full day kindergarten with the same teacher as Anna and a weight of uncertainty has been lifted.

Holding it Together
Denyse Schmidt- Picnic and Fairgrounds/ Stashbuster design- Material Obsession
In the meantime, I am holding my kitchen floor hostage this afternoon and taped fabric to it! Hah. At least now I can be quilting something instead of hiding the top in a drawer somewhere. 

Holding it Together
Kaleidoscope QAL
My first floor is a dark hobbit hole, so you will have to excuse these less than stellar pictures, but at least in the summer I have a cool house here in the desert.

I am going to partially thread baste it, because I always get annoyed with the pins catching in my quilting hoop. I will then add the pins, sparingly in spots I will know be in the center of the hoop to begin with, and remove them as I quilt. Plus, if my back isn't in pain, I can baste another quilt next week!

So what do you prefer? Thread? Pins? Is everyone spray basting? Can you use this with hand quilting? Anyone have an opinion?

May 11, 2012

Zakka Patchwork Ball

I just finished English paper piecing a zakka patchwork ball from the book I Love Patchwork.

EPP Patchwork Ball

It took about two weeks of time here and there. I may make most of the projects from this book and Zakka Style this year.

EPP Patchwork Ball

I would encourage you to also check out NanaCompany. She is a master of this aesthetic. I think my colors are always too bright for it.  I want to try this project one day too for my little one's dollie bed.

I do need to get on with my hexagon and my cathedral window quilt. If I take a break from the long term projects with little finishes like this, then I feel refreshed and better ready to tackle the old friend of a project. How about you?

May 9, 2012

Rip it. Rip it.

Granny Square quilt

I have been finishing up the granny square quilt and ripping it apart to put it together.

Granny Corner  #1

It will have mitered borders since the design is taking me in that direction.

Granny Corner #2

It always frustrates me a bit that I take my own time with QALs, but I think this will be worth it. Maybe I'll add some curves in the quilting to soften up the squares.

I am also thinking of backing it with some wide backing. There were grand ideas of piecing the back, but that is only giving me a headache. Blech. I just want to be done. Have you seen these Moda dots here? You can't beat 108 inch wide fabric! I would only need a 1 3/4 yards cut of it. I may want this backed in the gray or red. I am leaning towards the red. What do you think?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

May 8, 2012

Ferris Wheel Along

Remember this?

Well... I fell in love. Aylin made one for a pillow swap for Tacha and she is going to have a QAL group with to make this. There are downloadable templates here at Katy's and she even has some plastic templates on her etsy.  They aren't necessary for the QAL, but they will make it a whole lot easier. Be sure, when printing, unmark the scale to fit page option, and it will print perfectly. The hexagons are exactly 2 inches on each side.

I can imagine the possiblities... scraps, solids, your favorite fabric line, watercolor florals... So go join the flickr group and maybe this English Paper Piecing project could be a summer project or winter for those down under. I will be making this in the car at school pickup and dropoff.

What are you waiting for? I certainly didn't. :)

EPP projects
Patchwork ball and text fabric pieces

May 4, 2012

Weekend Plans

One quilt down and the next top is being completed.

border for my granny squares

I am making the border of my granny square sort of colorwheelish. I know that isn't the word, but you get the idea.  I am repeating almost every fabric in the quilt, and may have a lot of extra border. We'll see if my math works out and my seams are accurate enough to line everything up.

I also love this quilting idea by Sew Katie Did and will be using it in my plus quilt. You can see her finished quilt here. She used such beautiful leftovers.

Leftovers Quilt Binding
@ Sew Katie Did via flickr
Katie Pedersen is the author of Modern Quilting with Jacquie Gering. I see so much to make in their book. My favorite is the Supernova.

So much to do. And I think I have found my most favorite pillow of all time here by Nilya2011 at flickr. No seriously... of all time!

With that said, I am happy to say these I may have found a use for these.

Annie's Farmstand Text

I found the top 4 at my LQS and I thought I would never find the Annie's Farmstand in Red. When I found the end of bolt fat quarters I may have been a bit giddy.

The bottom three are from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics on etsy. She has one of my favorite stores.

OK back to the job of spider squishing, peanut butter and jelly making, and the like. (Yes. I have done both today.) Have a happy Friday!

May 3, 2012

Happy Picnic Quilt

I have been having very odd computer problems or so I thought.The outlet in my bedroom and next to the couch, where I blog, are having some voltage problems? Neither one is charging my gadgets. By bringing the computer downstairs to my craft room, it charged within an hour. For the last few weeks, I have used it uncharged, plugged in, and hope that my kids don't step on the cord which usually results in the computer shutting down immediately. Same problem with the Ipad. So now the question is, what is wrong with my house.

Ah, but now I can show you my quilt. Finished!!!

Summer picnic quilt

I have been looking through my flickr and saying, "I have to make that." "Ooo, I have to make that too." Sew Take A Hike made one here a few years ago that I liked very much. So I grabbed two yards of each fabric, Kona Kaufman Snow and Gypsy Bandana in Jumbo Red, cut 5 inch squares and made some HSTs.  Easy peasy.

Enjoying the new picnic quilt
little product testers
If you want to use a Moda precut, three 5 inch charm packs or a layer cake, cut into charms, with a solid, it will give you a good sized picnic quilt- (60 inches square or more). This quilt measures 60 by 66 inches.


The quilt was sewn on a couple of Saturday mornings, while kids were at tennis, and quilted in a week. Perle cotton stitching was added it along the diagonal. I had to use an aqua pezzie on the back. Love.

hand stitching detail

Then the dilemma is should I use it? I hand quilted it. Sure. I don't want to have this one in the closet and it is much better than the old pink blanket we usually use. We won't be eating pizza on it, but I am gladly going to trade a few grass stains for some memories.

backing and little baby feet

I am going to enjoy my time today visiting Amy, and Sarah this week and finding what other finishes are out there.