February 29, 2012

February's Progress: Cirque des Cercles

June progress- Cirque des Cercles 6/5


I picked this cross-stitch project up at the beginning of this month for a welcomed break. I have been working on it the last two years. Maybe it's my fault for never doing anything small.

 Here are some more finished versions here in the designer's photo gallery. I'll get there eventually!

February 27, 2012

Granny Square Goodness


These are too much fun. By finishing three this weekend, I am up to nine so far and I am going for very scrappy and bright. I may make the centers different in some, but not all cause I don't really care what the rules are. The whole point of granny squares in crocheting is to use up extra bits of yarn so I am trying for the same look for me.

Granny Square #8

I am placing more grey, brown and black into the design without sacrificing the brightness.

Granny Square #7

I press towards the white and the strips are pressed away from the center. I want to connect them the way they are, but my dilemma is how to press the blocks when they are sewed together.  I may opt for a one inch sashing to set the blocks.

Granny Square #9

I have been leaving them up on my linen inspiration board which creates pure motivation every time I walk by to make more!!

Hanging out with Modern Mondays with Meagan and BOMs Away (a finished Block Link Up) at Lyn's. 

February 24, 2012


I worked on a lot of UFOs and finished some WIPs these last two weeks.

Blissful Flying Geese

I tried paper piecing and found this pattern to try. It was easy when I got the hang of it. Amanda has a great tip for anyone who tries this. Megan worked on one I loved and I knew I had to make one too. I hadn't seen it for months and just linked to it today, but it seems I picked the same binding. It's funny how the subconscious works!

Paper pieced mini

I added some perle cotton handquilting, but after washing I realized that the white was not prewashed and the puckering wasn't what I wanted for something I wanted to sit under a vase of flower. Noted for next time.

It peaked my interested so my son and I embarked on a mug rug paper-piecing project. While I positioned the paper and fabrics, he sewed accurately on the marked lines of the pattern!

Paperpieced mini

It was so much easier than explaining how to make an accurate quarter inch seam.  I sewed the binding and its corners on. Then he sewed the binding on the back, pinned by me, and my jaw dropped.

Andrew's Mugrug

He actually was able to stitch in the ditch accurately. My husband was like, cool, but you guys know how hard that is!! I love sewing with my kids. My son was so proud of himself.

I made another pincushion for Jenny. My first got lost in the Christmas mail, but I am so glad she got this one. I added a few scraps to hopefully alleviate the waiting.

DS Pincushion

Then I picked up a really old WIP.

Handpieced Stars

This is a star quilt that has been staring at me for 10+ years. (gasps)  I am hand piecing them. I have twenty stars in completed rows of twenty. That's where time got away for me for a few years. Something about having 3 kids. ;) Now the rows are being sew together. I haven't finished it because it makes me want to cry. It doesn't reflect my fabric choices at all these days and takes time away from other quilts, but it would be a shame to leave it unfinished. I started it before I had a machine. Ack. Either way I am going to press on. What's a few more years, right? I fondly blame Amanda Jean for picking this one up again! :)

I am going to enjoy my time today visiting Amy, Sarah and Amanda Jean this week and finding what other finishes are out there.

February 20, 2012

I ♥ Granny! (squares)

Sometimes my mind goes blank when I have to sit down to write a blog post. Usually it's, "Ooo the kids are asleep!", and then I want to crash and watch too much TV. So the last couple of weeks have been hectic and I have been on a new diet. Seeing some results, but the worst part is no sugar, no gluten and no caffeine. Yikes! I am getting used to it, but the first few days made me realized how addicted I am to all of it.

Of course I am getting addicted to something new.







I am finding Quarter Square Triangles and some Half Square Triangles avoid fabric waste. I used 4 1/8 inch and 2 3/8 inch squares of the Kona Snow respectively. Tracy mentioned this in the flickr group's discussions and it has worked beautifully. I starched the squares before cutting and as a rule kept the bias edge on the bottom as I sewed. All blocks finish at 9 inches square.

I may have figured out my attraction of Granny Square Quilts. Each square is like a mini quilt with it's own cohesive color grouping that could be used in a larger quilt, but with a lot less work and instant satisfaction. I need that!


Plus, I have no idea how to make granny squares by crocheting! Check out Blue Elephant Stitches if you want to see a finished quilt and tutorial. Here is another Flickr group.

After the sixth 20 inch block of my 1 inch postage stamp quilt,

1 inch Postage Stamp Quilt Block- 1 of 6 completed

these granny square blocks seem easy enough and I am using every bit of the stash! Can't beat that! Will you be making a Granny Square quilt with the Old Red Barn Quilt Along? I will be making it when I have the time and who knows what size it will end up.

Hanging out with Modern Mondays with Meagan and BOMs Away (a finished Block Link Up) at Lyn's.