September 10, 2012

September- Just Three!

I met my Just Three goals for August!

1. I finished a quilt. My kaliedoscope quilt went from this

to this,

to this.

This binding had some issues that included fraying of the seams on the edge. I would sew a 1/4 inch seam on a top that had so many seams on the edge of the top to stabilize it. It all ended well.

Unfortunately no pictures of this since it I am not sure how to take a picture of an 72 by 80 quilt! I will get you a picture soon.

I added the binding by hand and realized how relaxing it is. I have got to start an applique project next year. Maybe in a block of the month format so I can keep a goal.

2. Two of my postage stamp blocks are finished. I promised myself I would not buy the backing until I was completely finished with the top. So I am on a mission this month with this one.

It just seems like I never visit my machine on a regular basis anymore. I have to sneak spurts of time here and there. Most are no longer than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I am hoping for naps this month! ;)

3. I have the Sarah Jane quilt basted. I have some work cut out for me in perle cotton.

My goals for the end of September are:

1. Quilt the Sarah Jane quilt.
2. Finish 2 more postage stamp blocks.
3. Get another quilt out to be basted.

and 4. ( cause I am horrible and break the rules) pick up a favorite UFO. I may just pet it, but maybe I will sew a bit on it.

traceyjay quilts

Hopefully September can be just a productive as August was.


  1. All of your projects are gorgeous!!

  2. can't wait to see the big Kaleidi quilt!
    as well as the other stuff. :)
    thanks for linking up Kristen!

  3. I too am looking forward to that top quilt. I'm using DS for a quilt along. Hope it looks as pretty as yours.

  4. Yay! A finish :D Congrats on the kaleidoscope. I'm itching to put a few bindings on in the next 3 weeks. Love the colors in your postage stamp project.


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