August 15, 2012

Mario and Denyse

Do do do da da da... I finished a Mario cloud.

Mario cloud

Thinking of sneaking Princess Peach on the back of the quilt somehow. Is that wrong on a boy quilt? Although rescuing Peach is the point of the game, right?

Piecing Mario cloud
Kona Kaufman used: aqua, white, ash, black

I enjoy working backwards and the jigsaw puzzle like construction. I wonder how much extra Kona I will have left over by using this method. I wasn't so happy with the smile that had to be broken up, but I didn't see any other way.

I'm still plugging away on the Kaliedoscope.

Kaliedoscope Quilt

It is difficult to get the yo-yos centered, but a little bit of character is OK.

Kaliedoscope yo-yo detail

Know anyone would would like to buy the full Denyse Schmidt fat quarter pack this is made with? I feel the need to slim down my stash. It hurts a bit, but I need to let some go. :)

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  1. Your kaleidoscope is very, very cool! Love the yo-yo's on it. And I think you *should* put the Princess Peach fabric on the back of the Mario quilt. :)

  2. I love love love the kaleidoscope quilt!! So gorgeous! How much for the FQ pack? It's so gorgeous.. very tempting. Love your quilting on it too, along with the yo-yo's. I think putting P.P. on the back of the quilt is a great idea. She's part of the game after all. ;) xo

  3. Amazing and I vote for Peach! I have three boys and every young Prince Charming in Training needs a damsel in distress to rescue!

    THe kaleidoscope is truy beautiful! The yo-yo's really pop!

  4. That kaleidoscope quilt is gorgeous and I really think your need to put the princess on the quilt somewhere :)

  5. Very neat projects....The kaleidoscope is great..but you gotta love the Mario

  6. I adore the kaleidoscope quilt! Love love love!

  7. I really love your kaleidoscope quilt - I just adore the vintage vibe with those fabrics and the yo-yo's.

  8. I like how you're doing those blocks.
    And the yo yos are so cute! And I don't even usually like yo yos!


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