August 2, 2012

Garden Success!

As I looked over our patio, I realized one plant had taken over the entire herb garden. See the big leafy plant with yellow flowers along the edge?

It was a plant grown in first grade by my oldest as a study in plant growth. It came home in a plastic cup the size of a solo cup. I though I had killed it when I first placed it in the ground and prepared my daughter for the possibility that it may die as the desert climate can get too hot. Last year, if you remember, we had similar plants that grew flowers and that was it. I was hoping that Anna would have more luck.

Entire 6 foot lengths did indeed die off, but we trimmed and hoped. Finally the bright yellow female flowers started to grow with the the others and fruit appeared. When some shriveled up we gave up hope, but last week we notice some growth and now we have pumpkins! Lots!

Moving the leaves away, while taking the picture, a large praying mantis was chased away. I wish I was able to share him with you too. At least, I know they are being taken cared of while I am away.


  1. Fun! I hope we can do justice to our new home's garden areas. Pumpkins might be a nice thing to try out.


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