August 17, 2012

Zakka Pencil Case

I decided to go and buy some Asics running shoes. I put on the TV to occupy the kids and went for a 2.5 mile jog/run on the treadmill. I have been going to this and that doctor without any answers, and it seems like I am allergic to something. I still can't figure it out. My latest thought is it may be bleached white flour as I ruled out gluten and lactose with actual blood tests. I am beyond frustrated with food. On top of that I have a Vitamin D deficiency which may explain the fatigue, and my thyroid is being flaky. So I am just going to change the diet and get some running in the schedule. Those are within my control.

Usually no gluten and no sugar works for me and my husband work schedule has changed so I might be able to exercise the morning before school. These hot pink shoes were the most calm looking ones I could find besides being really comfy. Styling huh? And those patio pumpkins are huge!


While my boy's corn only grew tiny half grown ears, Anna's pumpkins are growing very quickly and we may have pumpkin pie soon. Although I have not the slightest idea of the variety here and that might not taste so great.

Lastly, I have finished some Essex linen pencil cases from Zakka Sewing: 25 Japanese Projects for the Household. The case itself is not hard to sew, but you need to clip around the curves many times for the concave curves to lie flat.

Zakka Pencil Case

The inside lining is actually a rectangle so it is easy to fit within. The ears are back-stitched shut and hand appliqued to the body.

The hexagon bunny tail uses two 1/2 inch hexagons- one in linen and one in matching fabric. I braided two strands of perle cotton 8 in ecru for the pulls.

Zakka Pencil Case

While seemingly long I wanted my children to be able to grasp the twine rather than the hexagon tail. I used an old baby outfit for the gingham blue bunny as it almost perfectly matched the one in the book. What are the odds?

Zakka Pencil Case

I plan to make more from this book as it has many sweet designs. I am also thinking what other animals would look good made into a pencil case like this. Hedgehog? Iguana? Dachshund? What do you think?


August 15, 2012

Mario and Denyse

Do do do da da da... I finished a Mario cloud.

Mario cloud

Thinking of sneaking Princess Peach on the back of the quilt somehow. Is that wrong on a boy quilt? Although rescuing Peach is the point of the game, right?

Piecing Mario cloud
Kona Kaufman used: aqua, white, ash, black

I enjoy working backwards and the jigsaw puzzle like construction. I wonder how much extra Kona I will have left over by using this method. I wasn't so happy with the smile that had to be broken up, but I didn't see any other way.

I'm still plugging away on the Kaliedoscope.

Kaliedoscope Quilt

It is difficult to get the yo-yos centered, but a little bit of character is OK.

Kaliedoscope yo-yo detail

Know anyone would would like to buy the full Denyse Schmidt fat quarter pack this is made with? I feel the need to slim down my stash. It hurts a bit, but I need to let some go. :)

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August 8, 2012

On My Sewing Table

I am going to take up TraceyJay's Just Three Challenge. So here is what is in progress on my sewing table this morning.

1. Finish the blocks of my postage stamp quilt. There are 4 left and one a week should finish the top.

Postage Stamp Block

2. Baste this Children At Play quilt and begin the hand quilting on it. I want to put a little applique on the back so that is an immediate goal this week.

Children At Play Quilt Top

3. Put the scrappy binding on my Kaliedoscope Quilt. I am adding hand applique yo-yos at each block intersection and centers. It makes me smile, because I am 'mixing techniques' and that make me feel somewhat accomplished saying that. I put off the yo-yo's for a month, because I was apprehensive of the task. Then I realized... Oh... I can do this. :)

Kaliedoscope Quilt

If those three lofty goals get done... we'll see... my Granny Square quilt is waiting to be basted. I decided on the wide Moda Dottie backing in green since that was only one left. I also found coordinating perle cotton that will pull this all together.

Granny Squares

So... What's on your sewing table?

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August 2, 2012

Garden Success!

As I looked over our patio, I realized one plant had taken over the entire herb garden. See the big leafy plant with yellow flowers along the edge?

It was a plant grown in first grade by my oldest as a study in plant growth. It came home in a plastic cup the size of a solo cup. I though I had killed it when I first placed it in the ground and prepared my daughter for the possibility that it may die as the desert climate can get too hot. Last year, if you remember, we had similar plants that grew flowers and that was it. I was hoping that Anna would have more luck.

Entire 6 foot lengths did indeed die off, but we trimmed and hoped. Finally the bright yellow female flowers started to grow with the the others and fruit appeared. When some shriveled up we gave up hope, but last week we notice some growth and now we have pumpkins! Lots!

Moving the leaves away, while taking the picture, a large praying mantis was chased away. I wish I was able to share him with you too. At least, I know they are being taken cared of while I am away.

August 1, 2012

SMB Quilt Along: The Goomba

Super Mario Goomba

I thought I might show my mini block method that I used for the Goomba block. He's such a baddie! 

I break up each pixelated grid into mini blocks that minimize the number of pieces and seams. There are two here that got switched, his cheeks, but I fixed that before sewing.  The best part is that the features of each pixelated character are symmetric so there are lots of mini blocks that are reflections of each other. I also piece horizontal rows that are almost the entire width of the block and then add pieces on each end.

Super Mario Goomba

You can see the Luigi and Guido here with links to the quilt along. 

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