July 14, 2012

Take Out

A little bit of of this and that this summer and nothing too serious to be made. Just some portable projects to take out on the go and be played with. I will say I will have two big hand quilted beauties to be finished by the end of August. I know the actual quilting part should be done in winter, but I love my air-conditioned house and 112 is way too hot to venture out too much.

So some new hexies for a fall linen bag...

Beginnings of a tote for fall

And some yo-yos for my stashbuster...

Yo Yos for the Stashbuster Quilt

That's it for quite a while. Just enjoying the sunny weather and hopefully some more rain in the desert. You really get to love rain when you don't have it. The kids got all wet before lunch yesterday running around in the backyard like crazy little people. :)

My Happy Picnic Quilt was in Michelle's Sewing Trends article over at Sew Mama Sew this week so be sure to check out what seems to be the newest trends. I love the picture she used from my post.

Oh and if you're a Heather Ross fan you need to check out her new fabric at Hancock Fabrics here. I know! It's quilting weight too. Don't pay crazy etsy prices, because it's 5 a yard!!! I'll let you know how they are next week when they arrive at my door. Yes! Did I enable any of you? Well... you know you want to buy some.


  1. Who says the quilting should only be done during the winter months? Stands to reason you'd be more likely to need the quilts in winter so it'd probably be best to have them done beforehand. ;)

    Great FNSI!

  2. Boy, my life would be diminished if I didn't quilt outside of winter! It's my grounding activity - keeps me sane!

  3. Ah, but three kids and lots of activities keep me super busy. If it wasn't for AC I wouldn't lay any quilt on my lap for handquilting. I may get some piecing hours next week, but I am liking a lazy summer not on the sewing machine. :)

  4. Beautiful! English Paper Piecing and Yo-Yos are my favorite handsewing projects right now! Love your colors, and they're looking like fun projects!


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