July 23, 2012

Super Mario QAL Progress: Mario and Luigi blocks

I love pixelated video game quilts. I saw this QAL and realized it had to be on my bucket list of quilts and toute de suite. The first two blocks are completed.

I took the pattern and broke it into small blocks, planned ahead where I was going to press the seams, and sewed the completed rows of blocks together. It doesn't use Pellon, because I can't afford it right now. You know already I am also working on a postage stamp quilt and I want to finish this quick. I made do and I certainly hope I captured the feel of the pixels.





I placed Mario down wrong side up and used that to flip the image. Only the head and cap need to be reversed. A simple strip of aqua on the body moved from the right to the left as well.

Here are the Kona colors I am using from Robert Kaufman.

Reference photo of Kona Colors for the Mario QAL

From top left clockwise: Forest, Jungle, Clover, Kiwi, Sour Apple, Canary, Corn Yellow, Orange, Tomato, Medium Grey, Ash, White, Cream, Wheat, Earth, Mocha, Chocolate, Royal, Pacific, Aqua, Black.

There are a few extra, but I tend to experiment as I go. I was lucky since some were in my stash and many are fat quarters.

The advantage of using this method is if my husband walks in on me, sewing a section, he won't have a clue what I am working on. "manical laugh, manical laugh, manical laugh..." ;)


  1. Guow!! these look amazing! i tried to make a Yoshi with 1" squares, and it ended there, in trying. Haha, you´ve given me somo new encouragement to start again. love your work! victoria

  2. They're looking great! Can't wait to see more.

  3. Such a funny idea.
    Marianne from Denmark

  4. LOL!! They look great. This is a fun one. :)

  5. they're so cute! Great work, and great colors too...

  6. You're so smart. I would combine like-coloured squares to make rectangles, too. Big time and piecing saver and I don't think it takes away from the pixelated image at all.

  7. Too much fun! Lucky your husband doesn't read your blog. They really do look pixelated so you nailed it.


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