July 17, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along

Cut To Pieces

I am trying to keep this a secret! Of course blogging about it will not do. However my husband will more than likely never read this. So don't spill the beans, K? Angela at Cut to Pieces has come up with a QAL for gamers. It's called the Super Mario Brothers QAL. Freaking awesome! Do do do, do da do...

Mario Bros qal
via flickr @Cut to Pieces
This is my loft and you can see why this quilt is begging to get made.

the loft

The Nintendo, the 8 bit video game system from 1985, in all its glory, resides in our tv cabinet too. 

Of course I was all excited to finally start today. My machine really does need some attention. I had some fabric from stash and I just had ordered a few more. However this needs to be done by Christmas, and I realized I was missing some FQs when the order came today. (My mistake and not theirs. This shop is awesome!) I order all my Kaufman Kona from FabricShack since my LQSs don't seem to carry any and it is a wait of another week to send in another order. I was irritated and mumbling to myself about my error on my bed, with my Kona card, and while my husband was in the room. Remember it's a secret so I can't outright whine. I look at him and blurt out, "Dammit. I forgot the nuetrals and a Shade of Grey." He says, with a snarky grin, "Not sure I can help you that." Sigh... I am sure there is a joke in there. And no, I haven't read that book.


  1. wow...your loft is awesome!! you definitely have to make this quilt :o)

  2. Thanks for the tip on Fabric Shack. They seem to have every Kona color under the sun :)

  3. What a great idea, and what a lot of FUN! I love the chance to make something "custom" - especially for "guy-quilts" that are not too flowery. (Hence, my recent sports-fan sewing!) And, I'm a fan of that version of Mario, too!


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