June 25, 2012

Crisis Averted

You ever have a day where you *know* you left something somewhere, but now you can't find it? You swear you left on the ironing board or on that table. I had just cut just enough border to make it work and no wiggle room. So keep calm, right? So I get into the car for a playdate and find this squeezed in the car seat cup holder.

Crisis averted...

(I was later told at bedtime that they make great pretend reins for Zoe's horse, her older sister. They have been using ribbons attached to the back of dresses for this and I guess this is for when the horse wears pants.)


  1. Too cute! Glad your fabric reappeared :)

  2. Hilarious! Ah, the adventures of sewing with little people around! I know all about that ...

  3. Hehe!! So funny. :D Glad you found it!


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