May 3, 2012

Happy Picnic Quilt

I have been having very odd computer problems or so I thought.The outlet in my bedroom and next to the couch, where I blog, are having some voltage problems? Neither one is charging my gadgets. By bringing the computer downstairs to my craft room, it charged within an hour. For the last few weeks, I have used it uncharged, plugged in, and hope that my kids don't step on the cord which usually results in the computer shutting down immediately. Same problem with the Ipad. So now the question is, what is wrong with my house.

Ah, but now I can show you my quilt. Finished!!!

Summer picnic quilt

I have been looking through my flickr and saying, "I have to make that." "Ooo, I have to make that too." Sew Take A Hike made one here a few years ago that I liked very much. So I grabbed two yards of each fabric, Kona Kaufman Snow and Gypsy Bandana in Jumbo Red, cut 5 inch squares and made some HSTs.  Easy peasy.

Enjoying the new picnic quilt
little product testers
If you want to use a Moda precut, three 5 inch charm packs or a layer cake, cut into charms, with a solid, it will give you a good sized picnic quilt- (60 inches square or more). This quilt measures 60 by 66 inches.


The quilt was sewn on a couple of Saturday mornings, while kids were at tennis, and quilted in a week. Perle cotton stitching was added it along the diagonal. I had to use an aqua pezzie on the back. Love.

hand stitching detail

Then the dilemma is should I use it? I hand quilted it. Sure. I don't want to have this one in the closet and it is much better than the old pink blanket we usually use. We won't be eating pizza on it, but I am gladly going to trade a few grass stains for some memories.

backing and little baby feet

I am going to enjoy my time today visiting Amy, and Sarah this week and finding what other finishes are out there.


  1. Gorgeous quilt. Glad you are using it!

  2. It is PERFECT!!!! I love the 'I had to use aqua pezzie s on the back'. Definitely use it. You're so right, grass stains and all are totally worth the memories. Your kids looks adorable having their picnic. Congratulations on a great finish.

  3. I would most definately use it! No good sitting in the closet! BTW, it's gorgeous.

  4. super cute! and the kiddos too! :)

  5. Oh what a wonderful picnic quilt, just love it!

  6. It's beautiful! I usually like scrappy quilts but I might change my mind with this one!

  7. Love this quilt! I'm a fan of red and white quilts!

  8. this is so cute. i love the pez backing fabric you used!

  9. very cool - I love that you were "hijacked" by a fabric - too funny!

  10. Super job..the girls look they enjoyed themselves as well!

  11. Oooh what a great finish! Makes me want to come over for a picnic!!

  12. Use it! I also hand quilt, and my quilts are tossed on the floor and the dogs are on them with us. About your electricity, you probably just need a new plug installed. Maybe a wire is loose.

  13. I love your picnic quilt! So pretty and cheerful - and I'm glad you're not worried about grass stains! It's much too pretty to put in a closet! Whoop whoop!!


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