April 30, 2012

Where was I?

I've abandoned the blog temporarily, for many reasons: potty training (90% there- don't ask why there is a percentage), going gluten free(not lactose intolerant like I thought), exercising, enjoying the nice weather with the kids, gardening a lot, and a new simple quilt. Mostly I was in a craft funk and didn't feel like making anything. All my WIPs were lurking asking for attention and I was feeling guilty and annoyed. Went through my flickr and even got more depressed at all the 'I want to make them someday projects'. Don't get me started on Pinterest. Then I threw caution to the wind and started something new. Something simple. Something where I didn't have to worry about perfect corners. Something where I enjoyed the process. Something quick. This is the summer picnic quilt after all. Fortunately, I finished the new quilt in two weeks and hand quilted it in one! It was washed this morning and I am waiting patiently for it to dry for its photo session. No pictures today...I am such a tease! Ahhh, but I feel so much better. One another note, I've decided to get on the train of pattern making. I am impatiently waiting for a fat quarter stack, although I won't be finished for a while. I have one written up, but I need to professionally pdf it. Any advice on that part would be helpful. I enjoy the math part of pattern writing, but sometimes lack the creativity. However, if you adapt a repeating block so it very efficiently uses 18 fat quarters, it's a pattern right? Hmm. Not sure on what makes a pattern great, but if all the math and supply list is done for you, and you fancy making it, would you buy the pattern?


  1. Yes, that makes a pattern! I think people particularly appreciate patterns that work with precuts. Also fabric requirements to make at least two different sizes of quilt.

    I personally don't use patterns (already have too many books full of them!), so I'm not much help there. As for the design part - maybe you could barter for those services? There are a lot of quilt bloggers out there who are proficient at illustrator or whatever other magical program one uses to make pdfs.

    Glad you're out of your funk. I definitely hear you on that.

  2. If you can write up your pattern in Word (that's what I use), you can do illustrations using the "shapes" tab rather easily. Then to convert the Word file to a .pdf, I use a free download called cutepdf which works perfectly.

    Having just figured out the whole how to sell a .pdf downloadable pattern online thing myself last week (with TraceyJay's help), I can email you some details when you get to that stage!

  3. Can't wait to see your new creation!

  4. I see patterns as a somewhat clever design, that you want to copy, and have someone do your math for you. :) It's really hard to have anything new these days, but I always appreciate someone saving me a step of figuring it out!
    I used a hodge-podge of methods to make my pattern -- and think it turned out pretty good. :) I really want to get illustrator though!

  5. i totally hear you, i'm in somewhat of the same boat! no kids or gluten allergies, tho, just the same need to be outdoors and craft-funk!. i'm anxiously awaiting pics of this quilt you speak of, will you let me know when you post them? as far as pattern making goes, i have no idea how to pdf things either, thus haven't tried officially making patterns. although i've come up with my own designs of a couple purses, just never got around to pdfing them. i think you can make a pattern of whatever you want, if someone would rather figure out the math themselves, they don't need to buy it! but i definitely think the pattern is worth doing for those people who just want to be told how much fabric they need and how to cut it and how to sew it back together, those who want the hard work done for them. so go for it! best of luck :D

  6. Sounds like a pattern to me! My favorite pdf-generators are the free ones ... either the ones that come with word processors, pic editors, or the downloadable-install-like-a-printer kind. I know that's not specific enough to be helpful, but just want to say, it's entirely possible (and perfectly acceptable) to make a great pattern in your favorite word-processor or pic-editor, and then "export to pdf" or "print as pdf".


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