April 9, 2012

Progress Made

Scrappy Granny

I have made as much progress on my Granny squares as I can. I am going to finish it up at a respectable size with a double on point border. Each block finishes at 8.5 inches. The border will duplicate of all the fabrics. It will measure at 62 by 82 inches to fit a twin sized bed.

Here are the most recent blocks.

Flea Market Flower Granny
Granny #23

Andrew's Tic-Tac-Toe Granny
Granny #22
The center looks like a tic-tac-toe board to him!

Horton's Granny
Granny #24
(Punctuation fabric) Whoville clovers- Do you see some?

Maybe I'll get it done by this summer, but who is counting their WIPS? Me...? I can't mop the kitchen floor and keep it clean enough to baste anything. I am working on some quilt backs instead to keep me busy and hopefully I can get to sew these when school is out for the summer.

Here is the flickr group and tutorial 1 and tutorial 2 if anyone is interested in making one.

Hanging out with Modern Mondays with Megan and BOMs Away  at Lyn's.


  1. lol! I sure can relate to not being able to keep a floor clean enough to baste quilts! ;D Your grannies look so good all together. That's going to be a fun quilt.

  2. They're so beautiful! I really like the fabrics you're using in each block. So great together!

  3. I wish to be able to make this gorgeous quilt!!!! I just love it!!!!

  4. Looking really nice. I have a friend making granny squares. Hers finish at almost 12".

  5. Love your grannies! My husband always knows when I'm ready to baste a quilt, because that's the only time I bust out the mop!

  6. Totally love this! I love your color combinations!

  7. I am loving all of these blocks! So pretty!

  8. Your blocks are so beautiful! I need to get mine done too.... maybe in May?

  9. oh my gosh, this quilt will be so beautiful!! Love your border idea.

  10. these blocks are stunning. i made a few teeny 3.5inch blocks just to satisfy my need to jump on the granny square bandwagon, tho i still hope ill find time someday to make a big one like this. so beautiful! sending happy "finish" vibes your way :D


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