April 30, 2012

Where was I?

I've abandoned the blog temporarily, for many reasons: potty training (90% there- don't ask why there is a percentage), going gluten free(not lactose intolerant like I thought), exercising, enjoying the nice weather with the kids, gardening a lot, and a new simple quilt. Mostly I was in a craft funk and didn't feel like making anything. All my WIPs were lurking asking for attention and I was feeling guilty and annoyed. Went through my flickr and even got more depressed at all the 'I want to make them someday projects'. Don't get me started on Pinterest. Then I threw caution to the wind and started something new. Something simple. Something where I didn't have to worry about perfect corners. Something where I enjoyed the process. Something quick. This is the summer picnic quilt after all. Fortunately, I finished the new quilt in two weeks and hand quilted it in one! It was washed this morning and I am waiting patiently for it to dry for its photo session. No pictures today...I am such a tease! Ahhh, but I feel so much better. One another note, I've decided to get on the train of pattern making. I am impatiently waiting for a fat quarter stack, although I won't be finished for a while. I have one written up, but I need to professionally pdf it. Any advice on that part would be helpful. I enjoy the math part of pattern writing, but sometimes lack the creativity. However, if you adapt a repeating block so it very efficiently uses 18 fat quarters, it's a pattern right? Hmm. Not sure on what makes a pattern great, but if all the math and supply list is done for you, and you fancy making it, would you buy the pattern?

April 9, 2012

Progress Made

Scrappy Granny

I have made as much progress on my Granny squares as I can. I am going to finish it up at a respectable size with a double on point border. Each block finishes at 8.5 inches. The border will duplicate of all the fabrics. It will measure at 62 by 82 inches to fit a twin sized bed.

Here are the most recent blocks.

Flea Market Flower Granny
Granny #23

Andrew's Tic-Tac-Toe Granny
Granny #22
The center looks like a tic-tac-toe board to him!

Horton's Granny
Granny #24
(Punctuation fabric) Whoville clovers- Do you see some?

Maybe I'll get it done by this summer, but who is counting their WIPS? Me...? I can't mop the kitchen floor and keep it clean enough to baste anything. I am working on some quilt backs instead to keep me busy and hopefully I can get to sew these when school is out for the summer.

Here is the flickr group and tutorial 1 and tutorial 2 if anyone is interested in making one.

Hanging out with Modern Mondays with Megan and BOMs Away  at Lyn's.