March 19, 2012

Zig-Zag Tote Zakka Style

In my list of resolutions this year, I had a goal to better utilize my book stash. I made another project out of Rashida's Zakka Style book. You can see more of them under my 52 projects tab.

Zig-Zag Tote from 'Zakka Style'

I decided I wanted to use Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush and Amanda Jean's zig-zag style using rectangles. The effect is a a zig-zag of scrappiness.

Modfied rectangle zig zag pattern

The front and back have an irregular quilting pattern echoing the zig-zags. I made a slightly larger pocket of additional Innocent Crush to accommodate my cell phone and wallet. I see some books going into this bag during our weekly Saturday trips to the public library.

Zig-Zag Tote's irregular quilting

I used only batting for the body of the tote, what was on hand, and added batting and light Pellon interfacing to the handle. I was not unhappy about the results. Most measurements are the same as the book.

If anyone is wondering, the linen used is Essex linen in natural. There is a 55/45 ratio of cotton to linen which makes it soft and unwrinkled out of the dryer. A quick press with steam and it is ready to use for your project. It also seems to be a good match to Far Far Away 2 and 3.

Hanging out with Megan at Modern Mondays.


  1. your bag is so gorgeous. the AMH prints really pair nicely with the linen!

  2. very cute! I like the zig-zag going!


  3. That's so beautiful. I really like it a lot!

  4. Hi! Your bag is so beautiful and I love your grannie blocks with lovely names!

  5. It's so great! Just love it.

  6. That's really pretty -- love the way the quilting adds to the design!

  7. I just made my bag for the Zakka Style Sew Along about 2 weeks ago. I had thought about using this technique for the zigzags instead of the triangles, but stayed true to the pattern. Let me tell you...the next time I would make it like YOURS! Love how scrappy and beautiful yours turned out, with no cutoff points!

  8. Everywhere I'm seeing this tote, consensus seems to be use Amanda Jeans's method!!! I totally will. I've got a big Essex order on the way....
    I love your version, the AMH's look so pretty!


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