January 3, 2012

Take Your Time Tuesday

Whoohoo! I have any official blog button for Take Your Time Tuesdays. You can now share and add something pretty at the same time to your blog's sidebar.

This is a weekly blog meet up for any embroidery, hand-quilting or applique in any step of the process. My hope is you will visit on a regular basis and be inspired!

Did you notice I changed the blog header? Notice the name change popping up on your blog rolls? I decided to change the name since I will be sewing more than anything else here on the blog. Weird, huh? I thought I was a quilter, but... since I like to hand quilt, I collect quilt tops. I have many languishing in a dresser drawers. I know I am not the only one. So I'll make some mini quilts and enjoy that! These are the four large hand-quilted ones that I would like to finish by the end of the year. Maybe I am a quilter after all??

1. Single Girl
2. Kaliedoscope
3. Supernova
4. 30s Cherry quilt
5. American Jane hexagons (pieced only)

I have been working hard on my Cathedral Window and I am absolutely sure that it will be finished by the end of this year. All the blocks are completed for a 65 by 80 inch quilt. They need to be pieced together and I will show you that next week. I love the oranges and lime green that Sandi Henderson designed her fabric in.

I pulled out a stack of books that will be used! It seems that this Christmas was the year of the books. We must have had a stack a foot and a half high between us and the kids! I love that! Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics and her One Yard Wonder Sew Along did me in and I am going to tackle some clothing and crafty projects.

Books to be USED!

My goal this year is weekly small, achievable, hand sewn sewing projects. I see so many possibilities in these books! So many of the projects in these books in my sewing library are easily finished in a day or two. I think Zakka, simple beautiful things for the home, is the way to go this year. Create, create and create!

Bookmark for an AnnaDot

So I have been making bookmarks for the kids this week. Just crimp and use raw edges. I added red perle cotton embroidery and quilting around the second rectangle. I have more color combinations in the works than just this one.

Fabric for the Kids

I'll share more of them finished on Friday. I wonder how small I can make the fish to eek it out of that tiny Heather Ross scrap! My daughter requested these fabrics and I was inspired by Bobbi's.
Anna has been reading Diary of Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever during naptime. She really needed this bookmark. I found the reading level online and was blown away. It is definitely not first grade reading and she is doing so well with it. It is really a cute series.

What have you been working on this week or have finished for the holidays? You can link up your blog below. Now you can add the blog button to the bottom of your posts too! Eeep! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love the new header and emphasis...the way our creativity flows as we learn new things...wishing you a very creative and crafty New Year!

  2. Nice new button! I stay away from the hand work, but enjoy seeing that of others and love to look at it all!

  3. I grabbed and linked your button on my blog! It's so cute :o) I'm going to sewing more things this year and less quilt making. I need to actually put those books I bought to use. So hopefully I'll be linking up soon.

  4. I love the new header and the button. You got some great books for Christmas, I did well in that department too. I think I'll keep going with my slow and steadies this year with a few small things thrown in.


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