January 24, 2012

Take Your Time Tuesday

I was feeling a little color blue with all the rain and clouds. Rain is a rarity out here in the desert so I am always excited when it comes. The kids actually love to run outside and get wet. We hunt for the umbrella that we bought at Disneyland, and we can never find it when it rains. It is broken of course, from playing with it in the sun, but we don't feel the need to repair the few spokes that are in disrepair.

I was suppose to blog on Monday, but I was having too much fun combing doll hair and playing in tents to write on the computer. I think we spent two hours painting on and off during the day. It makes me think about how this time, with the kids at home, is going to go so fast. So my time blogging might lose out other than this Take Your Time Tuesday and that is OK. I am also not making any more new quilts this year either. My heart isn't in it. I don't want to miss out playing Star Wars or Princess or just lay on the floor and put puzzles together. At the very least I don't want to look back and think I missed something.

I think the rain and water made me pick these hand stitched sewing lovies this week. I failed miserably myself, but manage to make a rainbow of some Katie Jump Rope. My pincushion I made for Giveaway Day was lost in the mail. :(




Raindrops Pincushion
Flickr- barefootsheperdess


Felt Blue Bird applique on Linen Pouch
Flickr- my_studio


Fabric pouch
Flickr- isisjem22 (made by Kelsey Creates)

Raining Cats and Dogs...

Raining Cats & Dogs
Raining Cats and Dogs- artist Helen Remick

Raining Cats and Dogs
closeup- artist Helen Remick

The half yo-yos are hand appliqued with small cat and dog figurines hiding in the drops!

So what have you been working on this week? So what have you been up to this week? Do you have some handwork to share? Link up, add the Take Your Time Tuesdays button on the sidebar to your post and be sure to visit and leave comments on each other's posts!

Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thanks so much for posting a picture of the mermaid pouch I made for Isisjem22! :D

  2. totally understand the family...and time with them doing fun things, making memories...is so important. blogging for me, when it becomes "I have to" means I'm not being true to why I started blogging...for inspiration, a happy place, a my place...enjoy your kiddoes!

  3. Cute hexagons! Great inspiration on the other super-cute things! Fun! And right-on about how fast time flies when you're watching little people grow!


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