January 10, 2012

Take Your Time Tuesday

Rashida's book, Zakka Style, is beautiful. I love linen and I can finish most of the projects in a day.   They are perfect for gifts and just to enjoy in your home. This is project number 2 in my goal to make 52 sewing projects this year. This project is from blogger Theresia who contributed a design from the book. Here is a pincushion and a Sewing Kit to organize all your bits and bobs.


I added some embroidery on the outside as well.


Here's a bigger one for the sewing machine.


It comes in helpful when working on this.


At most I have some beautiful table runners right now and hopefully I will have 4 mini Cathedral Window quilt sections by the end of the month. I will be adding pieces of the border to parts of these. They will be a nice Kona that I would like to match it to the lime green.

I am having some pretty funny computer problems right now. I couldn't edit any of the pictures on Picasa and my period key does not work! Zoe broke off and stole the little rubber contact piece.  So cut and paste is my only option besides using an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence! Forgive me if I miss some punctuation.

So what have you been up to this week? Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm loving the quilt, and that little project looks so fun!

  2. Beautiful work! Cute, and useful! Awesome progress on the cathedral windows!

  3. The sewing kit/pincushion have turned out beautiful, love it!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

  4. Smaller projects can be so rewarding for that almost instant gratification. :-) The cathedral windows is just lovely!

  5. Your Cathedral Windows are just beautiful! Something like this is on my to-learn list for 2012. Hope it's as pretty as yours :)

  6. What a cute sewing kit. How useful and pretty, too. Good luck on your projects.


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