January 6, 2012

A Boy And His Fish

Just more bookmark fun around here. I had to make one for Andrew. It may contain my all-time favorite designers' fabrics.

DenyseSchmidt, SandiHenderson, HeatherRoss
 The slanty A was to have more embellishment, but I like the lefty look. Some little bits of stitching and an applique fish in his bubble were added to this one.


It quickly went to reside in his Star Wars Lego Sticker book. It made me think of coordinating threads and how I wish I had a project for these.


I am glad I have a party to go shopping for because the cement mixer truck across the street is really loud! The neighbors are putting in a pool. When I am about town I hope nobody notices the pink neon food coloring that graces my palms and nails. Geesh. I can't believe Anna's 7! She wanted a Hello Kitty Birthday which is why I have the crazed hand look. I invited the entire class of 24, you have to invite everyone to be fair, and I might have them all come including some neighbor kids! Help! See you soon, if I survive!


  1. What a sweet fishy collage on A's bookmark! Good luck with the party. I've got 7 12 year old girls coming over for chocolate fondue tonight for my daughter's 13th birthday!

  2. Cute! The hand stitching makes it special!

  3. That bookmark is so cute. Love it!


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