November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Hope Valley Supernova

This is my dining room table in real time a couple of minutes ago while picking colors for another Supernova block.

Hope Valley Supernova

I plan to make the next couple of nights some late ones and have a top soon. I am still indecisive about its size. It goes so well on our queen bed and our gray-blue paint. Sigh... I could make two blocks in a night and be done, twin size, or make six in the next week to have a decent queen sized quilt. What to do??? I am having Supernova fatigue... On a side note, my husband, the literal guy that he is, has been calling it the asterisk quilt. 

I am going to take a break and do some boring sewing today after lunch. Something about a binding and hamper repair... Zoe has a fun appointment to get some shots, after I pick Anna up for school, so the afternoon is full. So what are you really up to today? 

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

November 29, 2011

Take Your Time Tuesday

I've been away from my computer this and that has been a good thing. Family time, Thanksgiving dinner, potty training, trimming the house and trees with lights, getting out all the decorations took a lot of time. I don't do any shopping on this weekend either and prefer to spend it with family instead. I did break down Monday and bought some half priced fabric for quilt backs. Can't resist that.

I finished another Cathedral Window block... and that's about it for handwork this Tuesday. Any of you have better luck?

One More

Are you working on any holiday projects?  I want to make a table runner and a tree skirt. My tree definitely needs some pants like these!

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November 23, 2011

It's a Supernova!

This quilt was long overdue in its making and I get to share it this WIP Wednesday! When I saw Lee's Supernova I knew it was perfect for my Hope Valley. I didn't have the time to make then during her quilt along so it go some attention this last weekend.


Yay! It is amazing how quickly it has been coming together. I am following her original piecing method and many of the blocks are the same. It is refreshing to follow a pattern and not have to think! I have twelve blocks cut and they are being made in assembly fashion. We have had a lot of crayola time this week and the two littlest ones have been wonderful. 


So I am off to make some cranberry sauce, stuffing and some pies. I have a theory that every Thanksgiving dish that includes cranberries and gravy is perfection! What do you think?

November 21, 2011

Take Your Time Tuesday

So how did you all make out this week with your hand quilting or hand pieced work? I actually go distracted by an entire quilt and may be able to share a finished top on on my blog very soon. I think the word may be obsessed. The funny thing is I really didn't understand Hope Valley when it first came out, but it has a sweet vintage look.

Hope Valley
an excuse to play with instagram

So to start something new I thought I might try to finish something old. The Anna's Sherbet Pips quilt is almost finished and awaiting the binding to be applied by hand. There is a spot I missed, damaged by a scissor incident by a diaper-wearing quilter-in-training, but a cute applique should do the job of repairing the square. The hexagons are quickly be added to as well.

Moda's SherbetPips & AmericaJane

It might be silly, but I just figured out what Sherbert Pips actually are. I never really knew and I don't think they exist in the US, at least not commonly found. Sweet candy!

nom nom nom!

I would love to see how your week went!

Now for those rules, regs and important stuff...
1. Please be nice and encourage each other.
2. Peruse all the links and leave comments here and for others.
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November 17, 2011

Hello Kitty Love

Isn't this freaking adorable? It's perfect. Red, aqua, kitty... I wish my daughter was wee bit older!

If you as into Hello Kitty as I am there is a contest here where you can win the Janome green Hello Kitty sewing machine and lots of  fabric to go with it!

Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics is looking for wonderful tutorials you have written in 2011 that would be great as holiday gifts. Give it go!

November 14, 2011

Take Your Time Tuesday

Welcome to the first Take Your Time Tuesday, where we celebrate all that is made by hand with needle and thread.

Each Tuesday I will be posting my handmade projects and their progress. All of them seem to take quite a while and I want to make each a finish with you. With handwork as a favorite choice, many of these projects won't be finished soon. As your amazing projects come to completion, let's keep each other motivated and celebrate our hand stitched finishes. I know I am going to be humbled by the talent I will see.

I am pulling out an UFO. This was a quick fix using reproduction 30s fabrics. I used an embroidery stitch for the stems and hand appliqued the rest. I got addicted to perle cotton and put it aside. It's a quick table runner pattern from the Happy Zombie that I made into a wallhanging. Ignore the floating leaves, that's all me. I do want to finish it by Christmas.


Since I been going on about my Cathedral Windows, I wanted to show that I have actually made more than a couple of them. You must think I show the same 3 or 4 repeatedly photographed and rotated carefully! I'll show them all laid out together when I finish the last 4 or 5 blocks.


My hexagon quilt is being modified. I made some calculations and I'll need a row and column for a twin sized bed. Since this is on my bucket list of quilts I might as well make it fit a bed. Why be in such a hurry, right? So twenty more flowers it is. I basted these hexagons this weekend and I am adding more in the green and blue colorway to cool down the color scheme.


Anna's quilt is so close to being finished, but I'll show you it next week since I only got a few stitches in it this week.

Now for those rules, regs and important stuff...
1. Please be nice and encourage each other.
2. Peruse all the links and leave comments here and for others.
3. Backlink to my post here at the end of your Tuesday post so others can join the fun.

Maybe I'll get all techie and make a button so you can link here quicker, but I enjoyed a long weekend in Zion NP and was a complete slacker.

Add caption

Can you blame me?

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November 9, 2011

Windows and Hearts

This is the 16th Cathedral Window block and it will be finished today or tomorrow. The other block is in this post here. I was especially happy that some orange henna could be added. Thanks Jenny! Yay! It's silly, but those temporary basted threads in gray are really bothering me. I keep on thinking they look like crazy pet whiskers. Although, I do love the no-pin basting method. 


Anna's almost finished quilt, love saying that, is getting a border of hearts.

Border Design

I am using a blue washable pen to trace and mark the intervals. I still can't figure out what to do with the striped border, but maybe a simple cable will work.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I really need to catch up on emails and blog reading today. Which may or may not happen. I feel really guilty. I have been feeling under the weather due to some possible food allergies. I haven't been at the machine for weeks either. Under a quilt on the couch feels too good. It's really frustrating when food is an enemy. Going out for dinner is impossible too. The good news is by eliminating non-nutritional processed junk, I have lost 20 lbs since August. Enough whining... just wanted to tell you why I am an almost no commenting/responding internet recluse lately.

November 8, 2011

Pips And Pomegranates

So Take Your Time Tuesdays is a go for next week. Mostly because I have to figure out some linky stuff. Maybe I'll make a button, but I am not sure I even know how to do that. Anything made with fabric by hand or being finished by hand by you works.

Anna's quilt is getting some TLC and the hand quilting is coming along. I am working on the borders now.

Anna's Sherbet Pips

I am also staring at some yummy pomegranate jelly setting on my kitchen window.

It didn't set the first time, but I did the whole canning process/routine over again. It's made from our tree in the backyard and it took about 20 pomegranates to make eight half pints. One is in the fridge already and I am determined to have some toast with it at lunch. Yes, organic juice from the store would have worked too but this is my work from beginning to end! Very satisfying and even more yummy to eat.

November 7, 2011

49,800 Stitches

I have 83 of  these hexagon blocks done to date. Since I like numbers... that's 24 seams, 25 stitches over 83 blocks which is 49,800 stitches give or take a few. Yikes!


This is the 15th block or so of my Cathedral Window. Does anyone actually own an antique CW quilt? I have some questions for you.


Anybody interested in a weekly link up with just hand-stitched or hand-quilted projects? I rarely finish a project weekly. I thought it might be fun to share those long term WIP projects in one place and celebrate long awaited finishes together. Maybe call it Take Your Time Tuesdays? What do you think? Any takers?