October 31, 2011

October 28, 2011

Springtime Placemats

An old UFO has become finished. It may or may not be because I need more room for fabric and more unfinished quilt tops. I fell in love with this fabric of garden herbs in bloom.


They were not without their mishaps. Hypothetically, this was suppose to make it to the trash on Wednesday.

And running out of thread Thursday night didn't help. The 8th placemat was inches away from being finished.

They will look good with these coasters on the springtime kitchen table. I like how the 1 inch grid worked out. Blue painter's tape to quilt the straight lines worked beautifully.


The coasters are a design from Joelle Hoverson's book Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. There is an 8th coaster somewhere, but it's under a coffee cup somewhere.

With minutes to go on this Friday...

Can't wait to visit you all at Amy's Sew and Tell, Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday  and Sarah's Whoop Whoop Friday today and this weekend!

October 26, 2011

Hedgies, Hexagons and Herbs

These hexagon 'blocks' should be finished by Friday and layout decided on this weekend so it can actually be made into a quilt top. I have about 10 left out of the 83. Whoohoo!

Here are three of eight placemats I have been making quilting progress on. I am a free-motion dropout and went with a grid, with the help of some painters tape. I actually machine needle stabbed my finger while practicing the FMQ this weekend. Not good- I almost thought I needed stitches! They will be my Spring placemats. I love the herb fabric and I have had this UFO hanging around for years! I am finishing it for Friday.

Anna's quilt has been basted too. All good, even after 'the incident'. Any damaged fabric was replaced. I am at a loss at how to quilt it. I need to think fast! Help.

And... EPIC happy mail week... hedgehogs! Squeal! I am always looking out for these little guys. These are going to make a great quilt by Christmas! I am thinking the greens/yellows would make a great bag mixed with some linen. BTW,  did I ever tell you my etsy name? hedgehogandthefox!

Outfoxed- Lizzy House

I also found an Ipad ap called Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts. I could stare at these quilts for hours. A-maz-ing! All the red and white quilts are here.

image  Thinc Design

I am hoping to share some finished projects this Friday! :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

October 14, 2011

Scaredy's Reading Quilt

The Scaredy Squirrel Reading Quilt is finally finished.


The name is the first thing my kids called it and it stuck. We fell in love with the cute squirrel fabric. The Scaredy Squirrel series is one of our all-time favorites.

How can you not like this neurotic little fella?
Frolic by Wendy Slotbloom, Deer Valley and my favorite Wild Thyme fabrics were used to make it look boyish. 'I' think the flowers are boyish! No pink and pastels so we're good!


It uses Amanda Jean's zigzag technique that uses rectangles instead of half square triangles. I love that. She can always think outside the box! It took me a weekend to piece. That seems to be a habit with me.  Quilt tops that are finished in a blink of an eye, but forever to quilt. I have a stack to go through.

The kids were given their quilt at *last* Christmas. It measures approximately 44" by 68" so they used it all winter at reading time. It's perfect for all three on the couch with an adult, and I gradually added the pick-stitching with perle cotton whenever I felt like it. I had already stitched in the ditch along the zig-zags with the sewing machine.


Yup, I just wanted to get the quilt used and not left in the sewing room. It was thrown it in the dryer last night at 10. Which is the reason these pictures aren't the most stellar. I'll add my obligatory quilt zombie picture later this afternoon. 

My finger, the one under the quilt, is being nursed back to health. I hand quilted a good half of it this month. Is there a secret to not jabbing yourself? What kind of stitch size do you like? I am still undecided on the style of spacing I used- big stitches...little space between the stiches or both the same? My Kaliedoscope and Single Girl are calling to me next.

Can't wait to visit you all at Amy's Sew and Tell, Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday  and Sarah's Whoop Whoop Friday today and this weekend!

October 12, 2011

help a couple of bloggers out?

Hey, could you help a couple of bloggers out?

First, Amy Webb of AmyLouWho has had some problems with her blog. I have linked up with Sew and Tell for a while now and it was my first linky party. I like these linkies because I get to meet new people and make new connections with bloggers that have the same interests. She is now blogging at her new address, http://www.amylouwhosews.com/,  and you can help her by updating your gadget's link or visiting this Friday's Sew and Tell.  You can read the full post here about how her old blog is being held hostage(sold off) for $2,800! Boo on Go Daddy! Really? Who has that kind of money?

I also would like you to go visit another blog and vote for this funny mummy at Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.  Actual voting link is here.

(I hope she isn't too mad I stole this cute guy from her blog.) She captures, with side splitting humor, the craziness of being a parent. I swear she has a hidden camera at my house!

Maximum Cuteness(or, tiny little manipulators),
Appreciation Deficiency(or how to get more ice cream),
and Going Viral are some of my favorites. So vote often? Vote at least twice? ;)

Take a few minutes and help some ladies out. Purty please?! Let me know if you do.

October 11, 2011

Those Three Quilts

For the last two weeks I worked on my major projects. I *really* want to finish these three quilts.


Another postage stamp block is completed and placing it next to the other three made me feel like I was getting somewhere. This measures about 40 inches square. I am having issues with the blocks not being square by a quarter inch to half inch, but I am hoping it will iron out in the end- fingers crossed.

Here is a closeup of the back of my hexagon 'blocks'. I always wondered what the back of these types of  projects looked like when figuring out how to paper piece. So here you go.


I complete the petals then add the center with one thread. Then the ecru borders(Kona Bone), which are pieced by themselves, are added in one or two threads. Since the paper is not basted, I can slip out the papers when each hexagon is surrounded.


I thought I would be overwhelmed, but I only have 30 flowers blocks to add. I have completed piles of flowers and edging waiting to be sewn together.

Another block is completed in my Cathedral Window. I think this makes 13 or 14? I have 5 left before the bigger piecing begins.


On another note, I ordered some sale fabric this week from iltec on etsy.

Sherbet Pips-Puppy Dog Tails in Lemonade

The secret of the shredded quilt is now safe. Anna will love the dogs as her quilt back. It was her favorite print. It was more cost effective than wandering around my LQSs and 'needing' other things as well!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

October 7, 2011

American Jane Hexagon Madness

After last week's setback, I pulled out my hexagons. The girls love the flowers. I love that the hexagons are starting to look like a quilt.

American Jane Flowers
Wee Play and Punctuation fabrics

Of course, I have been seeing that the scissors are hidden a bit more carefully. See you Monday!