March 31, 2011

bits of joy on my kitchen table

Some yummies from my garden...

and bits of fabric joy...

Hope Valley- fat quarter pack from Mountain of the Dragon on esty

Now I can only hope for a naptime an early bedtime to allow this momma to play...

March 28, 2011

A Giveaway And Some Progress Made

The baby sized Single Girl is finished.

The half square triangle borders were scrapped and I followed Denyse's pattern. I like how the rings take center stage. Every picture I take of these Garden Party fabrics come out a little different, but take my word they look fabulous in real life. I will be hand quilting it in a violet.

Eight rings of my Katie Jump Rope are finished, but I needed a break from it all. This is the postage stamp box that got my attention. 

With a bit more of mindless cutting and sewing 1 1/2 inch strips, I have enough pairs, fabric and white background, cut for 16 blocks. Whoohoo! There will be 6,400 squares of fabric when this quilt is finished. I guess it makes sense that it took until March to have it all cut out. It takes about three hours to put one block together so I am glad I doing a block per month. What a break, huh?

I entered my postage stamp block and my winning cathedral window block in Quilt story's block contest. I want to thank those judges who voted on it. I love the trophy Heather and Megan. :)

Fresh Poppy Design

I won a gift certificate for some beautiful fabric available from The Fab Store. I bought some red and white for a redwork project this Christmas

Redwork Rendezvous- Alex Anderson

and some Art Gallery fabric.

Alhambra and Girly Girl Art- Gallery Fabrics

You can visit Becky's shop, The Fab Store, here at esty! If you can't resist... Becky is offering a coupon, SOHAPPY10, 10% off, until April 11.

I want to have some fun and I thought I might share 4 fat quarters of the Art Gallery fabrics with you. (Doesn't it look so good with the Kona Aqua?) So... let's have a giveaway.

Let me know, in your comment, what small project you have seen on a sewing blog, that would work with these four fat quarters.

I need a break from all my long term projects that don't seem to have an end in sight. The comments will close this Friday. Are you in? One comment for an entry and you must be/become a follower. A random generator will be used to select the winner on Monday. So let's hear those suggestions!

This post will be joining other creative posts at Sew and Tell, Sew Modern Monday, and Fabric Tuesday.

March 24, 2011

Supernova Quilt Along

The Single Girl is coming along well and some blocks are done. No pictures unless I get something substantial done. I have another cold so piecing it is getting on my nerves. I will finish most of it this weekend. 

The Kona Kaufman Snow is working out and the comments on my last post were interesting. If Kona solids seems to be of lower quality at different places, doesn't this make the customer insecure and possible switch to a brand with more consistency instead? I know it makes me feel that way. I guess the lesson learned is stay away from discount stores.

I am making a pillow during this quilt along, but this design has been on my favorites list for a while. My bedroom furniture is in a colonial blue and the New Day colorway of HopeValley is a perfect match. Maybe I will make a quilt of it this summer.

Supernova Quilt-Along with Freshly Pieced

You are not too late and can check it out here.

March 21, 2011

American Jane Hexagons

On Friday night I did complete the borders, but did not sew them on the blocks. I have half inch seams on the SG blocks. The 3 inch HST were a quarter inch short when sewn together and I didn't feel like dealing with the exact trimming that needed to be done to put them tegther. It was too late for thinking straight with a rotary cutter. So it will be a project for naptime.

A better solution seem to be to work on another WIP. Ten of these American Jane hexie flowers were completed this weekend. I have forty and will need about 100 full flowers to get a respectable sized quilt.


The petals are attached first and then the center is added with one thread. It seems to be the faster method for me.


I washed the 8 yards of Kona Snow for the Katie Jump Rope Single Girl. It was dried damp and folded over the stairs balcony on a towel. It has very little wrinkles so the background pieces will be cut out today. It also seems a bit thicker to work with.

Have you noticed a difference between the Kona sold at discount stores online and ones that are not? Is it a myth that the Kona is of different quality at particular stores? I wish I knew the answer to that. It seemed thinner than the coal color I have, but is it because of the dye that is added? Hmm...

Edited: I just found two yellow stains, selvage to selvage direction, that are about 8 inches long 3mm wide. Since I washed this fabric it's my problem now, but sigh...

March 18, 2011


Thanks for the advice all! You're the best. I may change the red since it can be easily swapped out. It's on the end of the ring. I think my problem with the Katie block is all the different values of the fabric. The Garden Party fabrics are all medium except for the darker purple.

I am going to work on the SG border for FNSI. (That's Friday Night Sew in for those of you in the know. A ton of us get together, link up on Friday and share our efforts on Saturday.)

If I make it through this pile, I can mark the quilting design. Whoohoo!! I am going to try a purple, but you all are so right about aqua looking amazing with the Kona coal. Check this out here. With my handy craft knife I am cutting a stencil  from my extra template plastic. I figured one of the kids might rip the paper version. You know the one whose name starts with z and is under two?

I scored it on both sides of the marked line and peeled up the black marking. It works pretty good. Though money would be well spent if there was a template for this.

Ok... time to get to work.

March 17, 2011

The One Ring

That title should mess with someone's search engine...evil laugh...

Is it me? I am just not loving the order of these Katie Jump Rope fabrics and I can't figure out why? I might be too close to the project and just need a fresh look at it from some sewing friends. Is there something just not right? I have eight full rings of these. I didn't follow Denyse's pattern. I can always reshuffle the colors on the other eight. Be brutal and honest. Just tell me to shut up and sew and if you want to.

Shut Up And Sew. That would make a great blog name.

March 16, 2011

Single Girl Quilt Progress

This was the result of working late last night. As usual, I was apprehensive. With the help of Denyse Schmidt's brilliant design work and half inch seams, the ring blocks came together very well. I will admit they were not perfect, but I need to embrace a bit of wonkiness in my life.


I didn't have too much rippling of the Kona Coal or rings since I starched and eased the edges to match the rings to the background. The rings were a bit bigger than they should be. A lot of steam pressing helped too. Any wrinkles will crinkle nicely when this is hand quilted.

While I am somewhat allergic to pins, I think they were necessary.


A border of half square triangles will be added and I will/should have a finished top by Friday.

So what color perle cotton should I use? Aqua? Green? Varigated?? Saw this and I am intrigued. Anyone familiar with the brand Lisbeth? I am leaning toward a violet.

Depending on how much work gets done on the Katie Jump Rope version, I will be committing to this quilt along too.

Supernova Quilt-Along with Freshly Pieced

March 14, 2011

Testing... Testing...

Remember this pile here in January.
Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner

Remember this post here? Can you imagine my surprise that this post came along here at i'm a ginger monkey? 

Here is my test block for the Single Girl Quilt Along. I succumbed to the lure of Kona Coal and this grey craze going around flickr lately.

(Yes I know it's the same as the quilt along button and that makes me feel silly, but my favorite Garden Party seemed like the perfect choice.)

It is to become a test quilt very, very soon. How could I stop at just a pillow?

It is so mine.

Now it seems so easy to sew those Katie Jump Rope rings. If you are still in analysis paralysis in this quilt along, get to it! I'll tell you a secret. I was scared each step of the way, but I managed it and it wasn't that bad at all!!

I'm sharing this block at Sew Modern Monday hosted at Canoe Ridge Creations.

March 11, 2011

The Love Strip Quilt

I pieced and quilted this strip quilt within two days. I added the hand quilting and sewed the binding on, to be hand sewn to the back, within that same week. This was an absolute miracle with three kiddos. It has been resting on our couch in the loft for weeks until it was finally finished last weekend.

Thanks for all the well wishes. They warmed my heart.

The applique is raw edged and I managed to sew it to the top, with a quarter inch foot, before it was sandwiched.

I will be embroidering "all you need is love..." on one of the white strips on back. I'll get to that soon.

Again, this was super easy. I am not sure it needs a tutorial. I used 9 different quarter yard cuts for the top and half of a twin sized batting. The strips, increased in size by half inches, from 1.5 inches to 3.5. I didn't pick anything larger because I didn't want to quilt anything beyond quarter inch seams. The backing was pieced with what I had of L'Amour by Moda. I was happy that I used what I had on hand. I added the stitching by hand, ecru perle cotton, along the strips that were dark.

It measures about  42 by 70 inches, perfect for the couch. Anna said to me, "Mom... you make the best quilts." She gave me a big squeeze too. Aren't they the best?

If I do this again, I will square up smaller groups of strips since the entire quilt ended being a parallelogram. (The pieces migrated to the right or left.)

Anna was very excited about the Daddy-Daughter dance. Last night, we took the opportunity to take some pictures in front of our blooming apricot tree.

I will say that taking pictures of three little ones is like herding feral cats. This one is good, even if it is slightly out of focus. They were told to hug and Zoe is such a good listener.

I am adding this to Sarah's Friday, "Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?" linkup party.

March 10, 2011

Just A Few Things...

  • I am feeling a whole lot better. The family that visited caught the crud too and are finally getting over it. We certainly want a redo visit soon!!
  • The crud was awful. Two of the kids ended up with ear infections. 
  • I lost ten pounds and gained back some of it. So I started a diet and it's working.
  • The Love strip quilt is done. I'll post tomorrow.
  • Anna is super excited about the Daddy-Daughter dance tonight. She was so excited, she came to my room at 6 am and was wearing her polka dotted party dress and wanted me to do her hair.
  • Last week, Anna was told in tennis that her overhead smash and forehand were amazing. She then instantly asked how her backhand was. I'm loving that Type A personality. :)
  • Zoe found out, in gardening, you don't eat the dirt no matter how much topsoil looks chocolaty.
  • Andrew likes my Single Girl quilt rings, because they look like a race track and he made sure to show me with his matchbox cars. I finally got my Kona Snow today and need to work on that this weekend.
  • It's 75 out and spring has arrived!
See you tomorrow! I'll have pictures and paragraphs!