December 13, 2011

Take Your Time Tuesday

I am having fun looking at all the comments from my last post. I will be taking a little break after today so you can save your hand stitched gifts for a link up in the New Year. I will also get together a button before then! I will be baking lots of cookies, starting with some Peanut Butter Blossoms today. The really good/sad part is I am lactose intolerant so I will be making not eating any. Doh. I had one of those mornings and spent way too long getting Anna to school so that's why I am soo late with a post.

I finished another block last night and I laid out my Cathedral Window blocks and my goal is to have something quilt-sized to share in January.

What have you been working on this week? Can you sneak us a peek? You can link up your blog below. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Simply beautiful!

    Merry Christmas and may the New Year treat you with quiltey kindness and goodness!

  2. Beautiful Cathedral Windows! That quilt is turning out awesome!

  3. Your cathedral windows are looking so lovely!
    I've been sewing up some little gifts for my sewing group friends. You can have a peek here:)

  4. Some of my projects have had to take a back seet because of the time of the year but it's so great to see your CW growing. Have a very merry holiday!

  5. Love the cathedral window quilt.....when it is finished it will be beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas.....

  6. Oh my, this is gorgeous! cathedral windows scare me...but these look so beautiful I may be inspired to try some day:)


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