November 21, 2011

Take Your Time Tuesday

So how did you all make out this week with your hand quilting or hand pieced work? I actually go distracted by an entire quilt and may be able to share a finished top on on my blog very soon. I think the word may be obsessed. The funny thing is I really didn't understand Hope Valley when it first came out, but it has a sweet vintage look.

Hope Valley
an excuse to play with instagram

So to start something new I thought I might try to finish something old. The Anna's Sherbet Pips quilt is almost finished and awaiting the binding to be applied by hand. There is a spot I missed, damaged by a scissor incident by a diaper-wearing quilter-in-training, but a cute applique should do the job of repairing the square. The hexagons are quickly be added to as well.

Moda's SherbetPips & AmericaJane

It might be silly, but I just figured out what Sherbert Pips actually are. I never really knew and I don't think they exist in the US, at least not commonly found. Sweet candy!

nom nom nom!

I would love to see how your week went!

Now for those rules, regs and important stuff...
1. Please be nice and encourage each other.
2. Peruse all the links and leave comments here and for others.
3. Backlink to my post here at the end of your 'Take Your Time Tuesday' post so others can join the fun.

You can link up your blog below! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Great to see the progress on your latest work! I had trouble with the "add your link" button (it said "function disabled?"), but the "trouble linking up? try here" below it worked, so that's good ...


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