November 14, 2011

Take Your Time Tuesday

Welcome to the first Take Your Time Tuesday, where we celebrate all that is made by hand with needle and thread.

Each Tuesday I will be posting my handmade projects and their progress. All of them seem to take quite a while and I want to make each a finish with you. With handwork as a favorite choice, many of these projects won't be finished soon. As your amazing projects come to completion, let's keep each other motivated and celebrate our hand stitched finishes. I know I am going to be humbled by the talent I will see.

I am pulling out an UFO. This was a quick fix using reproduction 30s fabrics. I used an embroidery stitch for the stems and hand appliqued the rest. I got addicted to perle cotton and put it aside. It's a quick table runner pattern from the Happy Zombie that I made into a wallhanging. Ignore the floating leaves, that's all me. I do want to finish it by Christmas.


Since I been going on about my Cathedral Windows, I wanted to show that I have actually made more than a couple of them. You must think I show the same 3 or 4 repeatedly photographed and rotated carefully! I'll show them all laid out together when I finish the last 4 or 5 blocks.


My hexagon quilt is being modified. I made some calculations and I'll need a row and column for a twin sized bed. Since this is on my bucket list of quilts I might as well make it fit a bed. Why be in such a hurry, right? So twenty more flowers it is. I basted these hexagons this weekend and I am adding more in the green and blue colorway to cool down the color scheme.


Anna's quilt is so close to being finished, but I'll show you it next week since I only got a few stitches in it this week.

Now for those rules, regs and important stuff...
1. Please be nice and encourage each other.
2. Peruse all the links and leave comments here and for others.
3. Backlink to my post here at the end of your Tuesday post so others can join the fun.

Maybe I'll get all techie and make a button so you can link here quicker, but I enjoyed a long weekend in Zion NP and was a complete slacker.

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Can you blame me?

You can link up your blog below! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Kristen, I'm all ready to add my post but I can't paste my URL. I get a box up saying the function is disabled. Help!
    I love your sweet cheeries and you know I adore the Cathedral windows. Lovely, lovely photo to finish off your post.

  2. Lots of fun projects going on there! And the trees in the last photo are gorgeous!

  3. I love your projects! Maybe this will inspire me to work on some of my own.

  4. I fixed the link Janet and hopefully now it will show only the blog name! Sorry for the whoops!

  5. This is a good idea. :) I am swamped with schoolwork, so I can't get a post of my hand work put together this week, but I'll definitely join in the linky every other week or so (especially since I just HAVE to make a cathedral window some day). I'd love to add a button to my sidebar if you get one made.

    And that photo of the walk in the woods is GORGEOUS!

  6. The cherries quilt is adorable! I LOVE your Cathedral Windows! Gorgeous colors on the hexagons! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the chance to link projects and see each other's work!!!

  7. Sew cute. I'll try to join in soon. Just too busy to even post to my own blog at the moment. Oh well.


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