November 8, 2011

Pips And Pomegranates

So Take Your Time Tuesdays is a go for next week. Mostly because I have to figure out some linky stuff. Maybe I'll make a button, but I am not sure I even know how to do that. Anything made with fabric by hand or being finished by hand by you works.

Anna's quilt is getting some TLC and the hand quilting is coming along. I am working on the borders now.

Anna's Sherbet Pips

I am also staring at some yummy pomegranate jelly setting on my kitchen window.

It didn't set the first time, but I did the whole canning process/routine over again. It's made from our tree in the backyard and it took about 20 pomegranates to make eight half pints. One is in the fridge already and I am determined to have some toast with it at lunch. Yes, organic juice from the store would have worked too but this is my work from beginning to end! Very satisfying and even more yummy to eat.


  1. That jelly sounds so good. I mihht have to look into that

  2. the jelly sounds so good! wish I could make some - poms are SO expensive where I am (like $2 ea. on sale!). I did have one pom in my fridge that your post encouraged me to open it up - I learned a new technique to clean it under water in a bowl and the pith floats - is that how you clean yours?

  3. hmmm. that jelly sounds Yummy. And your pips is looking good!!

  4. I enjoyed seeing the stitchy goodness on the pips quilt, keep going.
    I badly want a pomegranate tree or even a miniature one would do. I have a jelly recipe I'd love to try.


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