October 28, 2011

Springtime Placemats

An old UFO has become finished. It may or may not be because I need more room for fabric and more unfinished quilt tops. I fell in love with this fabric of garden herbs in bloom.


They were not without their mishaps. Hypothetically, this was suppose to make it to the trash on Wednesday.

And running out of thread Thursday night didn't help. The 8th placemat was inches away from being finished.

They will look good with these coasters on the springtime kitchen table. I like how the 1 inch grid worked out. Blue painter's tape to quilt the straight lines worked beautifully.


The coasters are a design from Joelle Hoverson's book Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. There is an 8th coaster somewhere, but it's under a coffee cup somewhere.

With minutes to go on this Friday...

Can't wait to visit you all at Amy's Sew and Tell, Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday  and Sarah's Whoop Whoop Friday today and this weekend!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm in love with the fabric. It's so pretty!
    Personally I like the coasters a bit more. It's easier to focus on the herbs/flowers in the smaller size.

  2. Very pretty! I have to agree--you can focus on the herbs/flowers more...but, the placemats will have plates on them to frame quite beautifully! :o)

  3. Great use of the fabric, I think I have some placemat stuff stashed away too. It's Murphy's law that you ran out of thread right before the end. I love the coasters.

  4. Gorgeous and cheerful! Did you use batting or...?

  5. These are so pretty! I love that fabric - and to think, you're ahead on your springtime table!! Whoop whoop!!!

  6. Is that a bandaid I see quilted into that one placemat? Whoops! (I'm laughing with you, I promise, and only because I've done similar things).

  7. Gorgeous!! They are perfect for an outdoor garden party! I would have by-passed this fabric but seeing it made into something it truly is lovely! Well done. Very inspiring. Happy Stitching, Susie

  8. Beautiful! Those placemats will look gorgeous framing a place setting. :o) And thanks for sharing your little mishap. LoL It's always nice to know these things happen to everyone.

  9. I love the fabric, too! And using painter's tape for the straight lines -- Brilliant!


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