October 12, 2011

help a couple of bloggers out?

Hey, could you help a couple of bloggers out?

First, Amy Webb of AmyLouWho has had some problems with her blog. I have linked up with Sew and Tell for a while now and it was my first linky party. I like these linkies because I get to meet new people and make new connections with bloggers that have the same interests. She is now blogging at her new address, http://www.amylouwhosews.com/,  and you can help her by updating your gadget's link or visiting this Friday's Sew and Tell.  You can read the full post here about how her old blog is being held hostage(sold off) for $2,800! Boo on Go Daddy! Really? Who has that kind of money?

I also would like you to go visit another blog and vote for this funny mummy at Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.  Actual voting link is here.

(I hope she isn't too mad I stole this cute guy from her blog.) She captures, with side splitting humor, the craziness of being a parent. I swear she has a hidden camera at my house!

Maximum Cuteness(or, tiny little manipulators),
Appreciation Deficiency(or how to get more ice cream),
and Going Viral are some of my favorites. So vote often? Vote at least twice? ;)

Take a few minutes and help some ladies out. Purty please?! Let me know if you do.


  1. you are the best! Thank you so much!!! See you Friday!

  2. What happened to Amy's blog? There's no link on the word "here" and I'm interested in what's going on with the hostage taking!

  3. Thank you for the voting shout out!!! :)

  4. There are some scummy people out there, I feel her pain. I'm off to read some funnies over at the other link now.


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