October 26, 2011

Hedgies, Hexagons and Herbs

These hexagon 'blocks' should be finished by Friday and layout decided on this weekend so it can actually be made into a quilt top. I have about 10 left out of the 83. Whoohoo!

Here are three of eight placemats I have been making quilting progress on. I am a free-motion dropout and went with a grid, with the help of some painters tape. I actually machine needle stabbed my finger while practicing the FMQ this weekend. Not good- I almost thought I needed stitches! They will be my Spring placemats. I love the herb fabric and I have had this UFO hanging around for years! I am finishing it for Friday.

Anna's quilt has been basted too. All good, even after 'the incident'. Any damaged fabric was replaced. I am at a loss at how to quilt it. I need to think fast! Help.

And... EPIC happy mail week... hedgehogs! Squeal! I am always looking out for these little guys. These are going to make a great quilt by Christmas! I am thinking the greens/yellows would make a great bag mixed with some linen. BTW,  did I ever tell you my etsy name? hedgehogandthefox!

Outfoxed- Lizzy House

I also found an Ipad ap called Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts. I could stare at these quilts for hours. A-maz-ing! All the red and white quilts are here.

image  Thinc Design

I am hoping to share some finished projects this Friday! :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Love those hexies. Keep away from the needles!!!!

  2. Great hexies, fabric and quilt! I sewed through a finger once too! Hope neither of us ever make that mistake again (ouch!). As for teh quilt, if you really wanted a neat look, you could sew smaller squares inside each of the blocks after stitch in the ditch. HTH

  3. What a cool app! I could stare at quilts all day, too. That quilt is so cute, but I don't know how to help with quilting suggestions. :/ And I am LOVING your rainbow colored hexies!! LOVE! And the hedgehogs are drool-worthy. :o)

  4. Woha.. thats a lot of hexagons. It will look great - I really like your color choices.

    I too was captivated by the red/white quilts. Even have them as an app on my iPad 'LOL*. Have you seen this fab red/white tribute quilt: http://cupcakesndaisies.blogspot.com/2011/08/red-and-white-tribute-quilt-final.html. It really captures the exhibition I think.

  5. Okay, I was seduced into looking because of your awesome hexies and then you shared the info about the iPad app. I'm really glad I stopped by. I'm super excited to check it out! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those hexies are going to make a stunning quilt.

  7. How about doing free-form long vertical waves for the quilting? Pretty simple, free and easy, and if you overlap a few, so much the better.

    Love that hedgehog, etc. mix of fabrics! SO cute!!

  8. Lovely hexies, a great quilt and fab fabric, you have a bit of everything there, love it all of course. For a quilt like that I think I'd check out Rita's blog at Red Pepper quilts, she knows how to make quilts look great with her quilting ideas.


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