September 22, 2011

Checking In

I have been sick and totally uninspired to attend to my blog in anyway. I have been sick since the third day of school! Many things have changed this year. The schedule for the school day starts an hour earlier and I am not a morning person. Naps have had to be earlier too and most days are nonexistent. This translates to less blog and sewing time. My son has just caught another cold and I am waiting for it to cycle through the family again. Is it weird that I am hoping to get it this weekend?

I have however swapped fabric and cleaned up the sewing room. This is what lies waiting on my table while I need to sleep off the next cold.

On my sewing table...

I know, right? Linen scraps, happy button jars, an almost finished block, Katie fabric that I wish I had more of, Mendocino mermaids, a Christmas postage stamp quilt, a favorite book, a pillowcase missing ric-rac, a quilt in need of batting, Pumpkin Henna from Jenny, a violet Hoffman batik, and a happy burst of charm color from Kati at from the blue chair.  I left out the Color Wheel Swap charms out on the table, after receiving them Tuesday, because they make me happy. Actually all of this makes me so happy!

Ok, still keeping the fingers crossed I am not sick this weekend get some of this sewing done and finish the quilt I have been curled up under all month. Life could be worse.

What's on your sewing table today? Are you still out there? And yup... that's as clean as mine gets. Mind you I haven't shown you the disaster of the table that my sewing machine is on!


  1. So sorry you're still sick. I hope you get to sew those charms up soon!

  2. Oh, sorry youre not well, get better quick so you can get to the fun bits. My sewing room does not have one tidy surface in it at all, yours looks organised.

  3. we are here! I love your mess! it's very bright and rainbowy :) Hope you get sick and then better soon and have fun sewing up those colors!

  4. Your sewing table makes me happy! What a beautiful, inspiring place! Hopefully you'll be feeling better in no time and able to enjoy it yourself. Rest up and get some chicken soup ASAP.

  5. Sorry you've been catching everything, Kristin. So yeah, I'm hoping you get a weekend to sew. Your sewing table looks so tantalizing. :-)


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