August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday: #4

I am really happy with this one...


Kaleidoscope Quilt

I finished my Kaliedoscope quilt top. I used DS Quilts Picnic and Fairgrounds. It measures 72'' by 84'' and is a generous twin sized quilt.  Thanks Elizabeth for the QAL motivation this July!  It will be hand-quilted and yo-yos attached at each intersection.

close up-Kaleidoscope Quilt

I am going to use size perle cotton in red on the white and maybe some other colors in the triangles. I was inspired by a quilt that did not credit the designer. I thought it was her design. It's poor etiquette not to credit the pattern designer! It would have saved me a lot of work too. As of today, I have no idea where I originally saw my inspiration quilt!! However, from a later search of "stashbuster" on google, I discovered it was the Stashbuster Quilt from Material Obsession 2. Well...  let's just say that book and Material Obsession 1 and 2 were put on my Christmas wish list!! I love this and this version of it too. (They are not the ones I originally saw online, but are incredible.)

I am not sure how it is made in the book, but I used entire selvage to selvage lengths of fabric in random strips from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Strips and more strips...

I use all of the new Denyse Schmidt fabric line and when through almost a half yard of each.  It seemed like it took forever. I use 6.5 inch strips for the border and I have tons of leftover. I need a Stashbuster for my Stashbuster now! :)

Ongoing Projects:

I am also working on my Cathedral Window quilt from this post here. I am learning that if I am a one quilt girl with a  very light sprinkle of side projects, I can get somewhere. I have 3 and 1/2 Cathedral blocks done since this Saturday.

4 Cathedral window Blocks

I regret not working on them sooner. Once you set up the blocks, it is just a bit of applique. I made a mini with 2 inch windows, but I like this larger window size of 3 inches. I really want to finish and try some hand applique projects, but I am being good and finished up the projects I have started.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:

I actually went through this and it is depressing. I wish I knew a longarm quilter in Las Vegas that I trusted to do some serious professional custom work.

Sampler 1
Autumn Sampler 2
Almost Liberated Amish Ohio Star
Into the Woods Flannel Log Cabin
Blue-Yellow Pinwheel
Single Girl ( hand-quilt)
Kaleidoscope (hand-quilt)
Happy Zombie Cherry (almost finished hand-quilting)

I hope to finish the bottom three this year.

No progress:
I didn't touch my postage stamp quilt (20 by 20 1 inch blocks) so my goal is one block for August.
As of last month, blog break, the American Jane hexagon flowers are finished and this week I will decide on a random layout to start attaching them together. I started this last September so I am happy with the progress.

This week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 0 or 1 if you count quilt tops!
Currently in progress - 14 (It feels like a whole lot more!)

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  1. Your kaleidoscope is beautiful! I love the addition of the border.

  2. Some lovely makes there. You are doing really well with your cathedral windows,they look wonderful. It felt like forever when I was making mine. The problem with crediting a designer is knowing if they were the original designer or if they are claiming an old design as thier own so you can never be sure! You can only mention where your own inspiration came from. Happy sewing :-)

  3. I am in love with your Kaleidoscope quilt!! It is so pretty! I have those books so I must look at the pattern now!

  4. Your kaleidoscope top is wonderful, and I love the fabric you're using in your cathedral windows! Just take those UFOs one at a time, and don't look at the list - you'll get overwhelmed!!

  5. Your Kaliedoscope quilt top is so pretty! I can't wait to see it with the yo yos! You've been a busy lady this week :)

  6. Your kaleidoscope top is lovely.

    I hear you about finding a long-arm quilter. I'd love to find one in my area to take on a couple of quilts for me as well. It would certainly make finishing things faster(ish).

  7. Your Kaleidoscope is stunning already, I can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  8. Applause!!! What a beautiful quilt. I like your hand quilting plans - have fun with it!

  9. Ooh, love your Kaleidoscope quilt top, its gorgeous! Sounds like it will be fab when its done :-)

  10. The Kaliedescope top and the cathedral windows blocks are both gorgeous!

  11. That is a gorgeous K quilt, for sure. And your cathedral blocks! You're turning your edges by hand. It looks wonderful.

  12. Your kaleidoscope is so pretty. Oh, and a cathedral window! I love these quilts and yours is no exception!

  13. The kaleidoscope quilt is gorgeous! What a classic beauty. :-)

    Cathedral Windows has always fascinated me. Yours is coming along beautifully.

  14. Your quilt top looks fantastic, this one has been on my list since it was first published in a magazine before the book. I love seeing your cathedral windows, they are gorgeous blocks.

  15. Love your kaleidoscope quilt!! I really like the scrappy borders! Love the cathedral windows, too...I have not yet had the courage to give them a try, but you've done a beautiful job!


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