August 31, 2011

Putting The Pieces Together

A bit overwhelmed with the last summer heat wave and school beginning is a good way to describe where I am right now. Anna was sad all weekend about school starting, she wanted to play more, but on Monday she couldn't be more excited. I love the toothless grin.

First Day of First Grade

I have been working on one quilt project the last couple of weeks.

CW Block Units

Without the addition of a border of green, my Cathedral Window quilt is all set to be appliqued. The kids suffered through keeping the loft clean for 24 hours so I could lay it out on the floor.

Zoe & Cathedral Window Quilt
made with Sandi Henderson fabric

All the white units are pieced and I have seven more blocks, on the outside in the picture, to go. It measures 60 by 75 inches. I pieced and appliqued nine blocks this summer and I think I'll finish this new set by the end of September. It always seems to be almost finished, but I realized today I may only be halfway done. Tired of it yet? I love it, but being a one quilt girl is hard.

Does anyone have 3 inch square scraps of Henna in pumpkin to swap/share? I figure if this is going to be my orange quilt it should have some in there. Ideally I need one 12.5 inch square.

After our 109-112 degree heat wave last week, I didn't want anything to do with batting, basting or quilting. The good news is the batting fairy delivered and there is a sale on all batting at my LQS. I use Quilter's Dream Request, the thinnest loft, for all my quilts. My quilt tops might actually get quilted.  I am wondering if you use any other cotton brands with success. It's a bit odd that I wait/balk on spending money on batting after I buy all that fabric. Although I am glad I waited this time.

Christmas presents

I finished some kids pillowcases for their Christmas presents and bought some DS Sugar Creek and I am making some pillowcases with it for my husband and I in more respectable colors. I am going to sneak some lime ric-rac in ours.

DS Pillowcase (to be pieced)

The best part about these are there are no serging or unfinished seams. I wish I knew how to crochet some fun trim on a single fabric pillowcase. I actually tried that on my own and it was a complete failure! I have an orphan pillow case with holes around the edges in my sewing room. I am thinking about pom-poms and ribbons to fix it.

The charms go off for the Color Wheel Swap today. I am getting excited about what will come back.

Color Wheel Swap Charms

This week's stats:
New projects - 1
Completed projects - 1
Currently in progress - 14

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  1. LOVE that quilt! It's going to be amazing. Can't wait for those charms either. They will be a great addition to the stack.

  2. what a beautiful quilt! It sure can be hard to keep the little ones off can't it?

  3. That quilt is a masterpiece for sure. I wish I had some Henna Garden for you but alas, I don't.

  4. I actually might have some of that fabric you're looking for at home...I'll check and let you know when I make it home from work tonight.


  5. Your quilt is beautiful, and I love the pillowcases! I thought I might have some of your requested fabric, but mine is not the same. Sorry!

  6. my daughter is sporting nearly that same toothless grin!
    your quilt looks lovely...i have the henna garden print you are looking for if you still need it, let me know!

  7. Your cathedral window is just amazing. And great fabrics you are sending off to the charm swap!

  8. Wow, this will be an amazing quilt!

  9. I adore your cathedral window and say to myself that one day I might just tackle one. The pillowcases look really neat, great idea for presents. Aren't kids kinda cute when they lose their front teth?

  10. oh, that quilt! it's just too pretty!

  11. Thanks so much all of you for looking! I found some pumpkin to add to my quilt!

  12. Your Cathedral Windows quilt is SPECTACULAR! I can't imagine the work that has gone into that beauty, but has completely paid off.

  13. I love the quilt! I really want to do one but I don't know if I could handle the monotony of it, lol.

  14. I have been watching that quilt come together and it is just too awesome for words! It's a true masterpiece and so very much worth all the time and patience you have put into it!

  15. Your cathedral window quilt is looking awesome - I just love these fabrics set in the white. Can't wait to see your finished product! I've been wanting to try this pattern, but I think I'm only brave enough for a pillow cover for now :)

  16. So beautiful! And such an amitious project, good for you for having the courage to tackle it.


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