August 1, 2011

Cathedral Windows

I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer, not knowing the day of the week, and having the days slide by.


It will be nice to blog more often and I am almost ready for {Sew} Modern Monday.

I have finished my Kaliedoscope quilt top, as of last week, but mother nature just won't cooperate.


I finally had sun, but my quilt ended up like this- even on the ground. It was too windy to shoot any quilt zombie pictures, unless you want a sushi quilt wrapped husband trying to hold the quilt in the breeze.

Kaleidoscope Quilt!

Level Failed....  My ipad has become a wonderful time suck during this blog vacation.

If you want to see the entire top successfully photographed and another finished quilt you are welcome to visit later this week! :) 

This weekend, I managed to complete a block of nine Cathedral Windows. The applique is going fast and I am halfway finished another.

More Cathedral Windows

I recently found out Sandi Henderson is also releasing a Henna Garden collection.  You can vote here to let her know what your favorites are. Mine is pumpkin and I would love an aqua. Do you have your favorite colors? I adore this design that goes with almost everything!


  1. I had the same problem photographing a quilt top a few days ago. You can only ask your quilt-holder to stand in the breeze for so long until you just take a wonky photo. We've all been there ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, your cathedral windows are amazing!!!!

  3. I just love your cathedral windows! They always turn out to be such delicious eye candy!

  4. Your cathedral windows are gorgeous. I need to make some but I'm not going to lie, they intimidate me a bit...


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