June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

It has been a mini blockapalooza around here. Before I start  more projects, I want to get to a few UFOs done that are making me feel guilty this summer.  Bags of cut blocks, ready to be pieced, were dumped out onto the dining room table. They were made with templates that have mean learning curves, but yield nice points and 12.5 blocks that are only 1/16 off versus the usual arbitrary quarter to half inch inaccuracies. Five were finished since this last Sunday. I am so serious about finishing this! I also have a pile of fabric from this BOM that needs to be cut, but I have to do some detective work to see which fabric goes with which block.

Cool colorway:




Warm colorway:






I realized that my piecing skills have improved so much over the last two years so these blocks were a lot easier than I thought. Some of these blocks were cut out in '08. Ouch. However my machine completely died in the middle of it and I had to wait a year before I bought my new machine. I collected the blocks, month by month, cut, bagged and tagged them for later, and promptly forgot about them.  Soo... now is later. Not withstanding the fact that my fabric tastes have completely changed, I like them. Moreover, I like the challenge of finding the perfect 1/4 inch scant seam and making all the those points line up.

This leads me to the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along. I have been working on these thinking it would be nice to work on some piecing skills over time. I am feeling the urge to go traditional with my block designs and make a scrap happy modern fabric quilt. I also found out that the plastic Marti Michell templates will help me with the blocks in this quilt too. I hope it will improve my quilting skills. A couple of 6 inch blocks a week doesn't seem very hard.

Maybe I should start with the hardest ones now that I am motivated and finish with the easy ones? Either that or instead of a Farmer's Wife I'll end up a mistress. And yes there is a flickr support subgroup for those of you mistresses who want to make a smaller version.

Also... Here's my six year olds WIP! This is her first attempt at stitching and I told her to stay on the marked lines and make the stitches small.


Give Anna some love!! :)) I am so stinkin proud of her.  We have been having some artsy-craftsy time together while the other two nap. She wants to learn how to quilt and blog this summer. I squeezed and hugged her more than a few times hearing that.

I am now on twitter too. If you care to follow there @sohappytosew. Let me know if you are too. I got over the obligatory lame first tweet yesterday. Make me a less lonely tree in the forest. K?


  1. Way to go, Anna! Excellent stitching!!

    And Kristen, your blocks are beautiful!! I like both colorways!!

  2. Your blocks really are looking nice...I'm glad you finally got to "later" with those! I am so smitten with the Farmers Wife blocks I have seen so far. I think those will be a great way to use up scraps.

  3. A new stitcher in the family. Way to go!

  4. All your blocks are fabulous, I love the contrast from warm to cool! Your daughter's stitching is so great!

  5. Those are some really pretty BOM blocks! And ^5 to Anna. Hello Kitty. Good Choice! Looks terrific. :)

  6. Anna deserves a squeeze for that one! Too cute. I love your second block in the cool colors. Gorgeous!

  7. That's so cute that your daughter wants to learn to quilt AND blog.

  8. Those blocks are great, it is so worth finishing them. I love your daughter's stitching, she is clearly a very talented craftsperson! I too am caught in the Farmer's Wife QAL, the blocks are very cute.

  9. Your blocks are amazing - I just love that last one with the tomato fabric - it's beautiful.

    Way to go Anna!!! Wowee, your stitches are so pretty. I can't wait to see your scuba diver all finished!....is that Hello Kitty under that mask?

  10. Anna your stitching is so good, how cool is Hello Kitty scuba diving. I can't wait to see the other colours you use.
    Kirsten, your blocks are amazing, and I'm impressed you pulled them out and started working on them again. I would have left them there for forever. I'm fickle!


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