June 5, 2011

Stick A Fork In Me Sunday #2

This weekend has been filled with the children enjoying the company of Poppy. They were thrilled to spend time with him. I think Anna said that she was having her 'most favoritist time' with him. :)

fabric: Gypsy- Pillow and Maxfield
I had some very ripe apricots from our backyard tree that needed some attention. Yesterday, I made some apricot jam with them. The name of the recipe is Apricot Honey and that name certainly fits since the results are more like a very thick syrup than jam. I halved the the recipe. Our tree is a Royal Apricot so perhaps there is a higher water content. I had to sneak a picture before it was all gone. By the end of this week or next, it will be placed on waffles, PBJs, fruit tarts, and whatever I can enjoy it on or in!

I did not process the jam since it will be gone very, very soon! I am also trying to wait patiently for our local farm's apricot crop to be ripe. We make enough of another apricot jam for the year. I will share the entire process soon.

On another note, I am getting closer to finding out what our mystery plant in the backyard is.

I am betting on watermelons. I think there are female and male blossoms with the larger blossoms having a green globe under the flower.  Here it is with the flower not opened yet.

I think they may be too round for squash? We will see.

Enjoy the jam. It takes 20 minutes and you have some fresh fruit spread for the week. I will be making my favorite fresh bread, which can be found here, and enjoying that picnic style outside. Yumm!


  1. hmmmmmm...sounds delicious! i think i should get some fruit to make homemade jam myself (it's so much fun - but i rather give it away as a much appreciated gift to my friends & fam than eating it myself...but i LOVE making it :) )
    i'd thought from the photo that it would be zucchini...but then, i've never seen a watermelon plant...(shame on me)
    have a great sunday,

  2. that looks like squash to me! Watermelon leaves are more wavy -- they go in and out... that is some kind of squash (possibly pumpkin)...

    That syrup looks great! We have a bunch of cherries, and I want to figure out how to can them somehow... hmmm.

  3. Those definitely look like squash flowers to me. Your apricot honey is making me crave pancakes.

  4. I guess pumpkin! Is that possible?
    The Apricot Honey sounds delightful!


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