June 20, 2011

On To More Blocks...

I finished a couple more...

I think I did this one twice, considering all the seam ripping that went on.

Tulip Star Block c 1108

I like how a block design is on point within another frame or outer block.

Oh My Star Block C 109

I am losing steam fast, but I am enjoying all those empty plastic bags. It feels like exercise. You hate to start each time, but it feels fantastic when you are done. Too bad this doesn't burn calories! I also am glad I was able to figure out which fabric goes with which block pattern! Whoo-hoo!

So if I made a list...
3 blocks- finished at an unknown time
10 blocks- finished since last Saturday (previously cut out)
3 blocks- halfway pieced in some form or another
2 blocks- cut out ready to be pieced
6 blocks- need to be cut out and pieced.

My goal is to make 5 more blocks at the end of the week. Then I can get going on those QALs.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments this last week. Comments like yours make my world a little more warm and fuzzy. I have been overwhelmed with the kids on vacation. I am being terrible with the email. Forgive me. I'll be better... Pinky swear, K?


  1. Well, considering you've got 3 kids home full time, your productivity is impressive. The blocks are coming together nicely and I can completely understand how great it must feel to have all those empty bags!!! (I'm with you on the burning calories thing).

  2. I love that first block! The second is really nice to. I also love the block inside of a block especially when one is on point. 15 minutes at a time, will eventually get the project finished. Smile and enjoy the journey.

  3. You have been busy and you're on a roll with the blocks. It looks like a lot of piecing to me, they pack a lovely punch of colour.


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