May 31, 2011

Thread Rainbow

I found these in an old container while cleaning up my sewing room.

These 70s/early80s 100% polyester darning spools were mixed in with old name tag ribbons my mom sewed into my clothes for Girl Scout camp. ...and towels ...and undies ....and whatever else they could be sewn into. :)

I almost threw them away, but the spools are so cute. They are shorter than the width of a quarter and some do not seem used. These spools may have a purpose with the purchase of a glue gun. I am thinking something color wheelish. They need to be put to good use soon or I might have to check into crazy mom quilts' 12 step program...

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  1. I have one of those little mason jar lamps and I put a bunch of those little spools in it and put it in my sewing room.


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