May 1, 2011

My Hand Quilting Project

I am just slightly intimidated by the colors I am using for this baby sized Single Girl. The fabric is very bold and I want to bring out the color explosion I see. The camera seems to magnify it. Scared me says, 'I really want to use a safe gray matching thread that won't show all the errors that I think I am going to see.' Instead,  I will be using perle cotton 8 in DMC thread 718, also known as "In Your Face Fuchsia"! (no...not really...) What am I thinking?

I also want this done in two weeks time for Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Amy's Creative Side | Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Can I do it? One block took two days... so 4 blocks equals 8 days + 2 for binding and washing.... maybe... maybe?


  1. In your face fuschia. Like it.
    I am looking forward to seeing it done. Tomorrow right?

  2. Go Kristen, Go!!! You can do it. There is nothing like a deadline for motivation. That thread colour is rockin'!!!

  3. Yes, you can do it!!!
    Take care

  4. You can do it Kristen!!! It's going to look gorgeous!

  5. Love the colors and especially the thread!! Go for it, it will be beautiful.

  6. It looks gorgeous already:) And yes you CAN DO IT!!!
    Can't wait to see it finished:)

  7. Go for it, it's fabulous and the fushia thread is a definite winner.


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