May 18, 2011


I been enjoying being distracted by the Blogger's Quilt Festival and I have been thoroughly distracted from any sewing these days. I have been finding inspiration everywhere, but in my sewing room. I really love this quilt or this quilt or this quilt. However, here are the piles on my sewing desk.

Like the runner that is currently like my blog header, I have some hexagons that need to be sewn up into a quilt. I lost the hexagon template and need to cut a few more hexagons out of some fat quarters. I want to blame it on the three kids, but I am sure it was put in the safe place that is hiding from me for the moment. 

I also sewed and folded some Cathedral Window units. Nine units will make a 15 inch block. I'll baste the fabric into 10 blocks this week. Then the hand applique will go fast. It's having large blocks of time to sew that seem to be the problem around here.
At least what I consider the boring parts are done on these quilts and the fun can begin.

On another note, have you noticed the after Market sales! I am holding back, but I really am crushing on some older Anna Maria Horner voile.  I also am in love with this sweet line too.  Any new lines of fabric or old that you are crushing on lately?


  1. that's a lovely stack of fabrics! can't wait to see what it becomes!

    i can not wait for children at play to come out. it is just adorable. also, far far away 3 with the girls and horses. so fun!

  2. When you find that 'safe place' would you tell me where it is, please? I have LOTS of things there, just waiting for me to remember 'where' that is. LOL

  3. I bet that cathedral windows is going to be awesome. Thanks for the links. That Sewing Circle quilt is amazing! I want to make one!


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