May 20, 2011

A Cute Gift Bag

I made this yesterday using my crafty powers.


Seriously... I needed to make something and actually finish it! It is for a child's birthday this weekend. It will hold an opened birthday gift with all those tiny fairy pieces and accessories. I am hoping it helps to not lose all those pieces. Isn't so unfair there isn't a simple carrying case included with all that super tiny stuff?

It uses my simple fabric gift bag with a few changes. I used one longer piece to have the lining fabric peek out at the top and added a flat tube of fabric on each side to add some ribbon ties. My pieces were 10.5 by 16.5 (polka dot fabric) and 10.5 by 18.5 inches (swirly fabric).

I found my hexagon template. Whoohoo! I also have my pieces for another postage stamp block laid out for Friday Night Sew In.


I will have to fit it in after kindergarten graduation tonight! Super exciting night!

Sharing this here with some friends.


  1. I love your bag, Kristen - so cute AND useful! And your postage stamp quilt is going to be gorgeous... Whoop whoop!!!

    Enjoy kindergarten graduation - we had ours earlier this week and my 3-year old grandddaughter was an absolute hoot. Video on my Wednesday post if you want a laugh....

  2. Awww, kindy graduation, how adorable! Bring the tissues. Sweet little bag!

  3. Love the postage stamp quilt. I have one I am quilting by hand. Red bag is cute.

  4. Ther bag is so cute and a great idea, my DD does gift bags too and they make it so special. I'm seriously in awe that you have the patience to piece the postage stamp blocks but they are really neat.
    One off to big school, wow, life is going to be different.


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