April 18, 2011

Single Girl Verse

Finished Single Girl Top

A girl complains she has no quilt for her bed.
She sees one at Pottery Barn instead.
The price is too high and too dear.
Her fairy Godmother does not appear.
She buys up a stash of Katie Jump Rope.
For two years she feels like a complete dope.
A pattern is bought and put on a shelf to be made.
More fabric is needed, "how 'bout a trade."
She procrastinates on how it is to be done,
The directions seem too scary and not too much fun.
Three other girls sing their siren song,
"Why don't you join this Single Girl Quilt Along?"
She buys up Kona by the yard.
It really can't be that hard.
Templates and pieces of fabric are cut out.
Threads are flying everywhere, the husband pouts.
A test pillow soon turns into a quilt.
With some Garden Party, there can't be much guilt.
Now on to some Katie Jump Rope in plaid,
She tries not to cry and not become sad.
What if she cuts those daisies and dots all wrong?
She throws herself into the project headlong.
Rings to quadrants and quadrants to blocks,
She's up to midnight in her pajamas and socks.
Laundry, dishes and beds need to be made so,
Is this quilt going to be another UFO?!
The kids are fed pizza by husband with flair,
As she disappears into her sewing room lair.
Finally, the stripes, daisies and ribbon flowers,
Are sewn furiously into the wee hours.

Flickr support groups and blogging friends,
Certainly helped her reach this so happy end-
A Single Girl quilt is lying blissfully on her bed.
Isn't that quite enough to be said??

(I will be sharing this with some friends this friday at Sarah's blog. Take a peek! )


  1. love the quilt, so deserving!!!ever made shams?? haha j/k, that would be too much!!

  2. omg, i just compared your with pb. some of your fabric choices are the exact same as the pb quilt, are you awesome of what? -becky

  3. LOVE the look of this project! Groups really help to stay focused and focus = finished! Can't wait to see the hand quilting, it's going to be fabulous.

  4. This quilt is totally awesome, it looks fantastic on the bed!!

  5. Love the verse! It looks great!! I am currently working on mine. I'm making a king size with solids and gray backing. Crossing my fingers it comes out.

  6. The quilt looks wonderful and I love the verse, well done to you on both, enjoy sleeping under your quilt :)

  7. Gorgeous...and your poem is so much fun to read!

  8. Ha, love the quilt, love the poem!

  9. Beautiful! I love the quilt and the poem.

  10. I'm not sure which I love more -- the quilt or the poem! :) Nice work! (visiting via Sew Modern Monday)

  11. Wow, this is fabulous! Nice job.... cool poem too.

  12. Gorgeous - and I love your poem!!!

  13. Love the quilt and the poem. Whoop-whoop!

  14. Whoop Whoop! What a lovely quilt, can't wait to see how it's quilted :-) Sometimes you've just gotta keep plugging along, and suddenly you have a gorgeous quilt!

  15. Most creative whoop whoop of the week!! I think we should require verse on all whoop whoops - - - oh wait, I flunked poetry - - - better not!! Beautiful quilt and thanks for the smile!!!

  16. love your verse...thanks for the smile...look forward to seeing your top quilted...:)


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