April 29, 2011

Sew and Tell: Single Girl Mini Quilt

Hmm... what have I been working on this month. The answer is lots, but hardly a true finish in sight. :)  I really wanted to get going on some hand quilting so I started on the lonely Single Girl block I had in Katie Jump Rope fabrics.


It will reside in my sewing room until I finish quilting the queen sized one this fall. It makes me happy to have this little finish when I have a huge one to quilt. It took 2 days or 4/5 hours to quilt and I will admit I put on the binding at 11:30 last night. It seems wonkier than it is, because I took the picture below the quilt on the wall, not straight on!

For the larger quilt, I did eight blocks of the quilt and then repeated the process of templates, rings and quadrants making with the last nine. It was a big mistake since I knew how tedious the cutting could be. I looked at the fabric that needed to be randomly sorted in a a ring again and stopped in frustration.

I don't do random easily.

I told Anna, my 6 year old, to go 'quilt' for me and lay out the fabric the way she wanted it. I gave her the requirement that same fabric patterns and the same colors couldn't touch. This ring mini quilt and the additional 8 blocks in the quilt are in the fabric order that she chose. Oh my! I love my little girl.

I had to push through the project at the end since I was getting absolutely tired of the whole thing. I finally finished the Single Girl queen top here, with a poem of sorts for a smile or two.

I basted the mini quilt this Wednesday morning. I used DMC perle cotton 8 in ecru and an embroidery needle. This thread conditioner called Thread Heaven from 123stitch.com came earlier in the week. It stops the thread from shredding and the results were amazing!!! You lightly brush the thread between your finger and the conditioner, it looks like chap-stick (so much so I had to tell the kids not to use it like that), and brush off the excess.  I used it for the thread in the binding and it was a much faster process with less tangles and less wasted thread. I hope it doesn't create a problem in the long run, but the packaging said it was acid free and I did wash the quilt.


Two pieces of batting were whip-stitched together for this mini quilt. I thought it would leave a bump in the middle so I hide the stitching under the center seam of the block. Now you can't tell this was made from two separate pieces of batting. Yay!
Do you love the texture of making something stitched by hand? I wish all my quilts could be hand quilted this way. My stitches are way smaller that the stitches are on the front, but they are getting more uniform in size.  The quilt lines are 1 and 1/4 inches apart.


I also worked on another block for my postage stamp quilt this week. Each square measures 1 inch. My finished blocks are measuring 21 by 20 inches exactly, instead of 20.5 inches square, but I don't care. As long as this is consistent, all the blocks will fit together. I have bagged all the square units, cut from strips, and all I have to do is take one ziploc bag out and play with what's in there. I don't think the quilt would be consistent in color and fabric variation, if I didn't do that.


Fourteen blocks more to go...

Sharing the sewing week with friends here , here and here...


  1. I love it! What a great idea for a mini quilt!

  2. Beautiful stitching. I wish my hand stitching was that even. Love the wall hanging design too.

  3. KJR is my favorite fabric line and I cannot wait to see your quilt too!!!! Beautiful!

  4. That's gorgeous!! Love the quilting pattern on it! The quilt you're working on looks fabulous, what a lot of work with those tiny squares!! Wow!

  5. it looks really good. :) Beautiful hand quilting.

    And those squares... you're nuts, at least partly. ;)

  6. that post it quilt looks so hard to do and so cutie patoitie =D

  7. Way to go Kristen!!! Love it!!!

  8. it's beautiful - and your quilting is amazing!!! Whoop whoop!!

  9. Great job! It looks so lovely. You're biggie one will be amazing. Take your time and enjoy it!

  10. Love the hand quilting - AND the layout of the fabrics! :)

  11. I love the single girl mini quilt. The first block I put together of my single girl quilt I used the wrong white (boo!) so I have this one lone ranger block that I can't use in the full sized quilt but now I think I'll just do a mini quilt with it for my wall. Love this!

  12. I love you show and tell, Kristen! And your hand quilting is exquisite!

  13. 'Love your quilting stitches! They're so amazingly even!

  14. The white stitches on the white background are so pretty. Great finish.

  15. Beautiful! the hand stitching makes a quilt more touchable.soft and crinkly

  16. Beautiful!! I love your hand stitching and want to try it myself someday!! By the way, I use Warm & Natural batting and piece it all the time by butting two straight edges up against each other and zigzagging over the joining with my sewing machine. I just use the default setting on my zigzag stitch, which give me a wide, moderately spaced zigzag. Be careful not to stretch the batt as you feed it through and it will stay smooth. But even if it's a little ripply when you finish, I've used it that way and haven't had any problems with the finished quilt!


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