April 21, 2011

Mystery Plants

I use compost in my garden and keep it in my garage in the winter. It's in a plastic trash can of all things. This method really does work! Don't tell my HOA. My strawberries are twice as tall as they were last year and the berries look larger and healthier. I have also heard that you let compost rest for a couple of weeks before you plant. I think I know why. These healthy plant germinated and I had no idea what they were.

I racked my brain... green beans...peppers... cantelopes...zuchinni...??? A seed popped up with the leaves today and now I know what all of these are: Walmart watermelon! I am kicking myself for not buying those organic ones at Whole Foods.


More Walmart watermelon!

So much for putting that in the compost... So I might leave them, in this raised box, since I read they do not cross pollinate with my Wisconsin melon. Maybe I'll be wrong, but it will be a wonderful experiment for the summer. I suppose they need to be thinned now.

I am playing with fabric too. Old methods... new fabric...

Just thought you might actually want to see something made with this fabric instead of those glorious stacks popping up all over the place. ;)


  1. oh im hoping for a big berry crop this year...strawberries and raspberries look great...blueberries...not so good.
    we are going to do pumpkins, onion and tomatoes...
    i dont think our growing season is quite teh same as yours!
    love your DS hexies and dresdens!!isnt it fun how they all work together?

  2. watermelons! yummy!

    love the Dresdens...can't wait to get a stack o'stash to play with!

  3. Last year we had green peppers growing right out the side ventilation slats of our composter! Good luck with your watermelon! I can't believe you have strawberries growing already.

    I'm loving the sneak peek of dresden with hex flower center - very cool idea.

  4. I love your Dresden plate, and I like the grandmother's flower for the center.

  5. Perfect dresden...and I have been trying to figure out how to use the yellow, that is great!

  6. Ooo. That is a cute little dresden peaking out there.


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