March 10, 2011

Just A Few Things...

  • I am feeling a whole lot better. The family that visited caught the crud too and are finally getting over it. We certainly want a redo visit soon!!
  • The crud was awful. Two of the kids ended up with ear infections. 
  • I lost ten pounds and gained back some of it. So I started a diet and it's working.
  • The Love strip quilt is done. I'll post tomorrow.
  • Anna is super excited about the Daddy-Daughter dance tonight. She was so excited, she came to my room at 6 am and was wearing her polka dotted party dress and wanted me to do her hair.
  • Last week, Anna was told in tennis that her overhead smash and forehand were amazing. She then instantly asked how her backhand was. I'm loving that Type A personality. :)
  • Zoe found out, in gardening, you don't eat the dirt no matter how much topsoil looks chocolaty.
  • Andrew likes my Single Girl quilt rings, because they look like a race track and he made sure to show me with his matchbox cars. I finally got my Kona Snow today and need to work on that this weekend.
  • It's 75 out and spring has arrived!
See you tomorrow! I'll have pictures and paragraphs!


  1. Glad that everyone is feeling better. Hurray for spring!

  2. Thanks for the update! I like the dirt bullet point, although I'm sure Zoe was very disappointed! Good to hear you are all back in action and feeling better.


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