March 18, 2011


Thanks for the advice all! You're the best. I may change the red since it can be easily swapped out. It's on the end of the ring. I think my problem with the Katie block is all the different values of the fabric. The Garden Party fabrics are all medium except for the darker purple.

I am going to work on the SG border for FNSI. (That's Friday Night Sew in for those of you in the know. A ton of us get together, link up on Friday and share our efforts on Saturday.)

If I make it through this pile, I can mark the quilting design. Whoohoo!! I am going to try a purple, but you all are so right about aqua looking amazing with the Kona coal. Check this out here. With my handy craft knife I am cutting a stencil  from my extra template plastic. I figured one of the kids might rip the paper version. You know the one whose name starts with z and is under two?

I scored it on both sides of the marked line and peeled up the black marking. It works pretty good. Though money would be well spent if there was a template for this.

Ok... time to get to work.

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  1. Great template, I'm looking forward to seeing the results :)


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