March 21, 2011

American Jane Hexagons

On Friday night I did complete the borders, but did not sew them on the blocks. I have half inch seams on the SG blocks. The 3 inch HST were a quarter inch short when sewn together and I didn't feel like dealing with the exact trimming that needed to be done to put them tegther. It was too late for thinking straight with a rotary cutter. So it will be a project for naptime.

A better solution seem to be to work on another WIP. Ten of these American Jane hexie flowers were completed this weekend. I have forty and will need about 100 full flowers to get a respectable sized quilt.


The petals are attached first and then the center is added with one thread. It seems to be the faster method for me.


I washed the 8 yards of Kona Snow for the Katie Jump Rope Single Girl. It was dried damp and folded over the stairs balcony on a towel. It has very little wrinkles so the background pieces will be cut out today. It also seems a bit thicker to work with.

Have you noticed a difference between the Kona sold at discount stores online and ones that are not? Is it a myth that the Kona is of different quality at particular stores? I wish I knew the answer to that. It seemed thinner than the coal color I have, but is it because of the dye that is added? Hmm...

Edited: I just found two yellow stains, selvage to selvage direction, that are about 8 inches long 3mm wide. Since I washed this fabric it's my problem now, but sigh...


  1. Such happy them! I'm not sure how reliable this info is...but a friend of mine who used to own a quilt shop said that many manufacturers sell fabrics to discount shops that aren't the same quality as their "quilt shop only" versions. She said Moda was the only company that does not do this.

  2. oh! i love those flowers. so pretty!

    i have heard the same as sherri--the kona at joann's is not the same quality as what they sell me for my shop. can't guarantee that though. just heard through the grapevine.

  3. Thanks. I should clarify that it was not Joanne's, but what I thought was reputable online shop. My store usually does not take care of their fabrics, ie dirty, and is usually overpriced. Kona is $6.99 there and that is on sale.

  4. Love the hexagons! I've heard mixed information about the Kona being the same or different.

  5. I love the flowers, I like your method of sewing the petals first. I will have to try it..thank you for sharing,Amy

  6. Your hexies are just wonderful even without the middle.

  7. Love the hexies! I have yet to start a hexie project, for fear it will take over my world. (Got a lotta wips to finish first) I do feel a difference in Konas not from quilt shops, but I think once washed and quilted, it's probably only negligible?

  8. My understanding is: Quilt shops get what is called/know as 1st run fabrics..Kinda like buying 300 thread count bedsheets. Then, the mills reset to thread count to a lower number. You pay more for the top quality but know that your quilt will stand the test of time!

  9. Ooh! When/if I get to sewing flowers I will do it that way too! That makes perfect sense to me :) Your hexies are fantastic!


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